Resident Evil 3- Part 2 playthrough

Because we are so hyped for Resident Evil 2 remake on Friday we have been streaming our playthrough of Resident Evil 3 to get us more excited for Friday. So below is our playthrough footage part 2 which can be found on our twitch channel¬†¬†GamerGeeksUk and on our youtube channel which is linked in the […]

Spyro The Dragon – 20 years

Today is Spyro The Dragons 20th anniversary, and I just can’t believe the time that has gone and how Spyro is still part of my gaming life, and still brings back my childhood memories of me playing this game, and super excited for the Spyro reignited trilogy, and yes I was gutted that it had […]

Retro Replay

Now this is something I have been watching a lot on YouTube and it has Nolan North ( Uncharted’s Nathan Drake) and Troy Baker ( The Last Of Us Joel) now they do a gaming show called Retro Replay. This is a free YouTube channel you can subscribe too and you get to watch these […]

Horizon Zero Dawn( video gameplay)

We have set up a little youtube channel and just been playing Horizon Zero Dawn( a game I have had for a while but had chance to finally play), it is definitely a game to play with stunning graphics, and dynamic game play just wanted to give people a chance to see some actual gameplay […]