Boss battles – my worst

Now I have played many games and many bosses throughout the years some really good some really hard or some that oh my god thank god I have done it never doing it again ones. Now boss battles when I was growing up was the sign either the end of a level, or end of […]

Twitch – our channel

Hiya guys and gals, now I have set up the blog and I have been watching videos etc I have actually set up our own twitch channel, now I am still new to doing videos and streams so its very basic for now, but here is the link for our channel and I will be […]

Games coming soon…..

There are loads of games this year that are coming out later in the year and I am so excited for them and I just can’t wait to play them. I feel September will be an expensive month for me as 3 games in particularly looking forward too. Spiderman PS4 This comes out September 7th and […]