Pick ups so far

So I picked up a PS Vita I never owned a PSP, and I have recently got back in PlayStation and it’s something I have wanted for a while and plus it had a uncharted exclusive game as well for me to play as I love that gaming series. So I have been playing with […]

Strong female characters

Now there are many strong female characters in gaming and the fact that has grown over the years is great. As there are characters young girls have more choice than who they aspire to me or wanna play as. I have many favourite female characters in games over the years but here are my pick, […]

Uncharted The Lost Legacy

I have finally completed only borrowed it for a few days and I have completed the main storyline, I have to say I was surprised that I really enjoyed because, it didn’t have the main character we have come to know and love Nathan Drake, because he made the serious as a loveable quick-witted rouge […]