Pokemon Sword/Shield review

Sword and Shield introduces old and new players to the new Galar region. Inspired by the UK, it is oozing personality and character. It has a playful mix of modernity and mythology. It is also complete with brand new creations which i think is some of the best Pokémon designs we’ve seen in a long […]

Nightmare Creatures – Retro Review

The game is dark and moody, with an interesting spiritual undertone running through it. It is perfect for the PlayStation. 19th century London is the setting of this game. The story starts Adam Crowley has unleashed an unspeakable evil upon the city, it is a transmortification virus that is changes the townspeople into hideous, deformed […]

Pokemon Quest

Well This maybe a very stripped down version of a Pokemon game and crossed with mine craft graphics, I have to say it’s actually quiet good and highly addictive, even better part it’s FREE to download. I have only just started it on my switch, but I am actually enjoying playing. You start your journey […]

Breaking Pokemon News!!!!

These are two new games in the Pokemon series and will be available 16th November, and from the trailer, these games look really good. The games will be based on the original pokemon and heavily based on the Kanto region. They have used Pokemon Yellow and the special Pikachu edition for inspiration for these new […]