Let’s go Pikachu review

I look back at Pokemon’s Kanto story, and I know I’m not the only one who has and feels a long deep connection to the wooded region. It’s where many long-time fans had their first Pokemon adventure. it is very similar to Pokemon Yellow before it, Pokemon: Let’s Go starts you with either a Pikachu […]

Let’s Go Pikachu initial thoughts

When I got this on Christmas morning I was so excited, it’s a game I have to put off from buying because I was getting it as an Christmas present even though I nearly brought it a few times. As a huge Pokemon fan I wanted this game and I wanted it to be good […]

Pokemon NEW

So lately I have been playing Pokemon go and I did actually see this Pokemon and it did turn into a Ditto, so the above video sees both professors working together, and again hinting at something that will appear in the new game for the Switch in November and I am totally excited for it.