Resident evil 2 ( First Timer)

Well as you guys know I have watched my other half play-through resident evil 2 remake, I loved watching him and I loved the story. Now myself I don’t play horror games, never had I played bioshock once I got given it as a birthday present, I got to the beginning when a crazy woman […]

Nier Automata- Initial thoughts

Surprise surprise, I have another new game I couldn’t resist at the price to get game of the year edition. I love the look of the game and I actually never heard of this game and was a recommendation on twitter for me to try. I have had a couple hours on it now and […]

Spider-Man DLC review

Now I have finally completed the DLC 100% with all trophies, and I have finally got 100% in the base game too with my first platinum trophy as well for getting all the trophies in the main game. The Heist DLC is clearly first chapter of a larger story waiting to be told across Spider-Man’s […]

Spyro The Dragon – 20 years

Today is Spyro The Dragons 20th anniversary, and I just can’t believe the time that has gone and how Spyro is still part of my gaming life, and still brings back my childhood memories of me playing this game, and super excited for the Spyro reignited trilogy, and yes I was gutted that it had […]

The Sims 4 Jungle Pack

Before I went on holiday I did purchase a little treat for myself as it was on sale on Origin at the time, it was The Sims 4 Jungle Pack, as I thought something different to try get more stuff for my world, which include more clothes but also, another location to play and it […]

Dragon Age 2- video gameplay

I have recently finished playing through Dragon Age 2 and finally completed and again really enjoyed again, okay a little short, well you guys can check out my review on my blog. However, there was a certain part I was stuck on near the end with lots of enemies, blood mage and pride demon plus […]