Strong female characters

Now there are many strong female characters in gaming and the fact that has grown over the years is great. As there are characters young girls have more choice than who they aspire to me or wanna play as. I have many favourite female characters in games over the years but here are my pick, […]

Playing Horizon Zero Dawn

Here is some gamplay footage of me playing Horizon Zero Dawn, as I have said before I have recently picked up this game again. Footage below is of me using a new bow purchased in the game and I am showcasing its incredible power, and that upgrading weapons in this game is key to become […]

Horizon Zero Dawn( video gameplay)

We have set up a little youtube channel and just been playing Horizon Zero Dawn( a game I have had for a while but had chance to finally play), it is definitely a game to play with stunning graphics, and dynamic game play just wanted to give people a chance to see some actual gameplay […]