Playing Horizon Zero Dawn

Here is some gamplay footage of me playing Horizon Zero Dawn, as I have said before I have recently picked up this game again. Footage below is of me using a new bow purchased in the game and I am showcasing its incredible power, and that upgrading weapons in this game is key to become […]

Horizon Zero Dawn( video gameplay)

We have set up a little youtube channel and just been playing Horizon Zero Dawn( a game I have had for a while but had chance to finally play), it is definitely a game to play with stunning graphics, and dynamic game play just wanted to give people a chance to see some actual gameplay […]

Dragon Age 2

After the success of the first Dragon and how much I personally enjoyed playing, I want to give the sequel a try and Bioware, doesn’t disappoint, as it has a lot of things I enjoyed from the first game, but then it has its own unique quirks. It stars a whole new cast of characters, […]