Resident Evil 3- Part 2 playthrough

Because we are so hyped for Resident Evil 2 remake on Friday we have been streaming our playthrough of Resident Evil 3 to get us more excited for Friday. So below is our playthrough footage part 2 which can be found on our twitch channel¬†¬†GamerGeeksUk and on our youtube channel which is linked in the […]

Resident Evil 3 part 1- gameplay

Well guys I have just been playing Resident Evil 3 and going to film it in parts so you can guys can see a full game and also pick up any tips and hints, like a walkthrough, this is also going streamed on Twitch as well . Plus I hope this gets you in the […]

Resident Evil 2 – NEW gameplay footage

Well, I am very excited for this game, cannot wait for the release 25th Jan 2019 super excited and I keep seeing footage of the game its looks horrific, gory and amazing all at the same time. I can’t wait to play as Claire and Leon again in all its glory. But to keep us […]


Spiderman is only one week away now and I am super excited and I can’t wait till my copy arrives at my door for me to play and I haven’t played a proper spiderman since the 2002 version for the original Xbox, and I loved that game challenging but great. Now I know the new […]

Spyro new footage

Here we have it some more gameplay footage from the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, now I know we are a little disappointed that the game has now been delayed from September to November, but it can only be a good thing they want to give the fans the game they deserve so if it means a […]

Dead or Alive 6

Well this is a shock as we thought team ninja were taking a break from the long running fighting series, apparently not. I remember playing the DOA3 on Xbox and really enjoyed and DOA5 and I do enjoy the fighting series my favourite was always Kasumi. It will include a roster made of both returning […]