The Sims 4 Island Living Trailer

Well as you guys know I am huge fan of the sims, don’t get me wrong the sims 4 has had its faults, but I do really enjoy any sims game. I love the new game packs they release and the graphics are amazing, so much editing can be done, along with building as well […]

Star Wars Jedi fallen order

Now we know this game was talked about in E3 2018. I understand it’s EA and I know they made a mess of Star Wars battlefront, but I still can’t help to be excited for a Star Wars game, and it’s single player too which I hope means they will focus on storytelling and it […]

Spyro trilogy update

Gameplay footage has been shown at E3 for the remastered Spyro games and I am not going to lie it looks gorgeous and beautiful. I am huge Spyro fan and I have been waiting so long for this I have pre ordered my copy and I hope to write a review soon when it comes […]

Super Smash Bros Brawl

The popular series is coming to the switch and here is and update from E3, the roster will have originals like Pikachu and Mario and new characters as well, this is a game I want to try as I never played the series and always wanted to try. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” is slated for […]

Elder Scrolls VI

This is Elder Scrolls VI teaser trailer and was announced in the works we don’t much about the game so far, no date or time scale but we do know it is being worked on. What are you guys thoughts what’s the game gonna be about leave comments at the bottom.

Gears of War 5

I am super excited to announce Gears of War 5 has been shown in E3 2018, it looks stunning and develops frI’m Gears if War 4. Of course, the game is coming for Xbox One and Windows 10, and it’ll release in 2019  

Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 is announced at E3 2018 for the Xbox, PS4 and PC. It looks like it follows directly from Devil May Cry 4, its the return of franchise protagonists Nero and Dante. It appears that Nero, star of Devil May Cry 4, will be back as a primary playable character. Hideaki Itsuno will return […]