Boss battles – my worst

Now I have played many games and many bosses throughout the years some really good some really hard or some that oh my god thank god I have done it never doing it again ones. Now boss battles when I was growing up was the sign either the end of a level, or end of […]

Dragon Age Origins – review

Now I have played this game a few times and I was actually only testing it to see if it would run on a new PC, then I got hooked again 4 hours later I am still playing the game and I have been playing for a couple of days I am addicted again, until […]

Dragon Age Inquisition review

Now, I have been wanting to do a Dragon Age Inquisition review for ages, and I finally been able to put into words, what I feel about this game. As I have completed this game twice ( not by choice saved data was deleted). Inquisition is not just only one of the most expansive RPGs […]

Dragon Age 4 teased

Now I am huge Dragon Age fan I loved the very first one and enjoyed the story and the 2nd in which I have actually reviewed on the blog as well is also very good short and not as big but still has some wonderful characters. Dragon Age Inquisition, now a beautiful stunning looking game […]

Dragon Age 2- video gameplay

I have recently finished playing through Dragon Age 2 and finally completed and again really enjoyed again, okay a little short, well you guys can check out my review on my blog. However, there was a certain part I was stuck on near the end with lots of enemies, blood mage and pride demon plus […]

Dragon Age 2

After the success of the first Dragon and how much I personally enjoyed playing, I want to give the sequel a try and Bioware, doesn’t disappoint, as it has a lot of things I enjoyed from the first game, but then it has its own unique quirks. It stars a whole new cast of characters, […]