Boss battles – my worst

Now I have played many games and many bosses throughout the years some really good some really hard or some that oh my god thank god I have done it never doing it again ones. Now boss battles when I was growing up was the sign either the end of a level, or end of […]

Strong female characters

Now there are many strong female characters in gaming and the fact that has grown over the years is great. As there are characters young girls have more choice than who they aspire to me or wanna play as. I have many favourite female characters in games over the years but here are my pick, […]

Dead or Alive 6 – Review

Dead or Alive 6 really blends fresh and familiar , to appease long-standing fans while offering an interesting array of single-player modes that serves as an onramp to competitive play online. While not as expansive or novel as Injustice, it does however gives its roster an essential sense of character. The most diverse roster includes […]

Dead or Alive 6 -more

I am looking forward to this game so much, I love the dead or alive series just as much as I love Tekken. Here is a new video of combat to keep us hyped for the games release and I know the date has changed but, I am happy they are focusing on making it […]

Dead or Alive

The Dead or Alive series series focuses on fast-paced gameplay in a 3D playing field. Like other modern fighting games that attempt to emulate real life martial arts,¬†DOA’s input system is designed so controls correspond game character’s actions. The series places emphasis on striking characters quickly and efficiently I was thinking of fighting games and […]

Dead or Alive 6

Well this is a shock as we thought team ninja were taking a break from the long running fighting series, apparently not. I remember playing the DOA3 on Xbox and really enjoyed and DOA5 and I do enjoy the fighting series my favourite was always Kasumi. It will include a roster made of both returning […]