Spider-Man DLC turf wars review

Turf Wars, the second of Spider-Man’s three-part DLC plotline, takes place almost entirely against dark, grey and raining background which does sap most of the colour from this usually vibrant depiction of New York. It’s intended. It’s of course a metaphor for the plot and to emphasise, that things have taken a dark turn, with […]

Darksiders 3 Initial thoughts

Well I have played Darksiders 3 for a few hours now and I am enjoying and I like how they are using a female lead which is nice and refreshing. I do have issue at the moment with the camera as I am missing easy enemies just because I can’t see them, and also when […]

Christmas Games List

Right so as everyone knows Christmas isn’t very far away now and I really can’t believe its the end of November. What I wanted to talk about is my games on my Christmas list, well games I would like. So first one up is Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu, this is the version I want for […]

Devil May Cry 5- gameplay

This was shown recently at Games con only a few day ago I thought I would share the footage with you guys, I have never played any games from the series and I do like the look of this, and I do love Bayonetta with game play of weapons and demons. So I think I […]

Lara Croft- Iconic character

Lara Croft is the main character in the video game franchise Tomb Raider. She is presented as a highly intelligent, athletic, and an English archaeologist who ventures into ancient tombs and ruins all around the world. She is also a female character to be considered to be a sex symbol to many. Different viewpoints range from a positive […]