Anthem – gameplay features

Just wanted to share you with you guys showing gameplay and other unique features, I am really interested in it and looks brilliant and I do BioWare games, such as Dragon Age and Mass Effect. I am interested how the game will develop and what we can do in the so far its looking good […]

Anthem UPDATE!!

More news from Anthem below is the cinematic trailer for it and also has a date now for the game Feb 22nd, 2019, so excited it looks brilliant and I will be purchasing this bad boy. Can’t wait, but what do you guys think pleaseĀ  leave comments at the bottom  

Anthem Bioware

Very excited for a new BioWare game called Anthem, it looks stunning in the trailer and from what has been shown it will also see a new trailer for it on 9th June hinted on their Facebook and Twitter pages. I love BioWare games, so I am super excited for this and I will keep […]