Donation Page

I am still going ahead with charity stream on Sunday 4pm UK time, any donations would be greatly appreciated thanks so much in advance. Its not just about the stream more than welcome to give at anytime. Thanks Amy@gamergeeksukcom

PS5 – the reveal

Yay it has finally been shown the PS5, I love it. I am super excited for it was brilliant showcase. We got see loads of the system and the games to come with it. The games look amazing on the system, the future of gaming looks great. The design itself I actually quiet like it, […]

My Mental Health + Gaming

Now a lot of you my not know but I suffer with my mental health, its been awful at times but getting now, its strange because it can strike at anytime, when your not even thinking about it. I became low, low in confidence, low in mood and to be honest I felt I was […]

Favourite Characters 2020 so far

Now I have been playing quiet a few games so far and I have actually completed some as well. Finally tackling the back log of games and maybe doing a bit of trophy hunting myself at the moment as well. Whilst I have been playing lots of games, there are characters that you really get […]

Final Fantasy 7 remake – review

Now I am new to this and I don’t know the original at all. I have no idea the plot or anything when I started this. I have finally finished it which I am so happy I did I didn’t think I would ever really get into a final fantasy game in my life. I […]

Jill vs Claire – who is the favourite?

I love these two characters so much strong female leads in their own right, they both kick ass and have no fears taking on the bad guys or zombies for that matter. I love them both equally for different reasons, but we all have a favourite we do, as humans we automatically pick a favourite. […]

CO-OP games to try

Now I remember playing co op games a lot when I was younger, mainly fighting games, but I loved being able to play games that I could co op like racing games or even mini games. It isn’t as common now to get 2 player story line games that aren’t fighting to racing type ones. […]

My Favourite Digimon

Well seen as I am a Digimon roll and guess you guys are gonna be sick of digimon by now, but as with Pokemon we all have our favourites, and I know Digimon isn’t as mainstream as Pokemon. I just wanted to share the Digimon that I love and i am trying to get in […]

Digimon vs Pokemon

Now we have two of my favourite series I love them both I really do they are my childhood these are some of my favourite childhood memories coming home for school or even recorded on tape for me in case I missed them. I love them both so much, and I know there are a […]

Tomb Raider 2 – retro review

Lara is back and bigger than ever, this time searching for the Dagger of Xian. She begins her search in mainland China on the Great Wall, and takes her through the canals of Venice and beyond. This time we can explore outside locations than being inside and tombs. This gives the game a brilliant fresh […]