Favorite Purchases 2018

Now I can’t believe its nearly the end of 2018 and what a year its been. Its been an amazing year of gaming as well. But I want to share my favourite things I brought this year in terms of games and consoles. Spider-man is an amazing game and been one of my favorite purchases […]

Pick ups

So you may have gathered I love buying games, and at the moment PlayStation 1 games and I am really enjoy retro gaming, and most of the games I have never actually owned when I was younger or even played, but wanted to so I am super excited when I can get games I never […]


(Tomb Raider Level Editor) Now you guys all know I am a big Tomb Raider fan, and I love the new games as well as the originals as well. Now my other half told me about this site called  http://www.trle.net where fans of the games, have created their own levels using the level editor that […]

Mystery Pokemon Box Opening

Whilst at Comi Con there was a stall where you could purchase different surprise boxes all with a different theme such as Harry Potter or Retro themed one, I picked a Pokemon Box and you have no idea what is going to be in this boxes at all so you could get plushies or poster […]

Comi con Manchester day 1

Well it’s been a brilliant day so much to see, so I am very glad have the weekend pass wouldn’t be able to see it all otherwise Picked up my creator pass for the event and we got on our way round and it’s been very busy today and was able to see lots of […]