Stardew valley initial thoughts

However my opinion as changed since I have started to play Stardew Valley. It makes farming so much fun and I have never been excited so much about chickens laying eggs before. So far I am loving it, it’s super chill and I love growing things in my farm, I found it to be highly addictive due to only having so much energy a day so you can’t really do everything one day. This is what keeps you hooked.

Well well why did no one tell me about this game. I am not nomarlly a massive fan of games where bacially its all up to you like Minecraft in some respects where the game is what you make it. I like goals/missions or quests.

I am in love with farming and my cows. I love it so much its cute and I love the graphic style of the game its great, who doesn’t love pixels. But so far I am really enjoying stardew valley as I am mixing it in with my The Last of Us part 2 playthorugh. It’s a great way to chill in between runners and clickers.

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