Hue – Review

Review: Hue

In the game Hue sees you take control of a little character in a 2D side-scrolling adventure called Hue. Who is on an adventure to save his mother. The on thing I really like in this game is the usual puzzles that are in the game, as the key thing in Hue, and what sets it apart from other puzzle platformers, is the colour wheel. Which allows Hue to manipulate the background colour of any environment. You use the right analogue stick to change colours in the way you need to.

Hue has the ability to make obstacles such as fallen rocks completely disappear ( you have to get your head around as I kept forgetting), or make previously hidden doors suddenly appear. There are so many different types of puzzle that you are let lose with. Its great as it starts you off easy as you only have one colour, but as you start to gain more colours its becomes harder and puzzle become more complex and challenging, such as falling boulders and you have to keep up with colours and get your timings right to progress.

Review: Hue

You will find yourself making jumps while needing to change colours mid-air so the hidden platforms appear ( thank god it slows down a bit to give you chance, it gives you bullet time). I found the sections really fun and adds pattern to memory to get the colours right, as one wrong colour and you get up getting killed on spikes. Timing is key and picking the right colour is also key as well, as you will find out for yourself is easier said than done.

With gaining more colours, it allows you to explore previously hidden locations, as you can end up back and forth to previous areas and are able to get further due to your colour wheel developing.

Now I know platformer games have tight jumping system, where this one can be a little floaty, but I actually like that about it, as it makes the safe area where you can land on platforms quite lenient, which helps keep things from ever becoming frustrating. Like other games like Celeste which is can be very frustrating. Hue is a game about challenge, puzzle but also to have lots of fun and is aimed at any player.

Hue Review- Attack of the Fanboy

This game isn’t long at all I say about half a dozen hours or so to play through the entirety of Hue. Through the game, the entire experience puzzles never become repetitive at all you are constantly challenged and pushed in so many different ways. This is what keeps Hue so fresh from start to finish you actually want to play more, as you keep passing new challenges you want to go further, and want to see what else the game has in store for you. - Review: Hue

This game plays on you ability wanting to solve problems and never giving up to get the puzzle done.

The colour wheel is great, but one problem I did find though was purple and pink as they are quiet close on the wheel and look similar in some ways that you accidentally press one and not the other, but that is the only real downside to this game in my opinion.

Hue Review (Switch)

Hue a little puzzle diamond rarity. It is both fun and challenging, meaning it confidently accommodates the hardcore puzzle fans as well as those that are usually completely hopeless, its for everyone to play and enjoy. It has a charming story to accommodate this as well. Fun love this little gem and so glad someone recommended it me to play. Its brilliant and great puzzle game.

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