PS5 – the reveal

Yay it has finally been shown the PS5, I love it. I am super excited for it was brilliant showcase. We got see loads of the system and the games to come with it. The games look amazing on the system, the future of gaming looks great. The design itself I actually quiet like it, its modern fresh and different.

Below is the full showcase that happened last night, this is from PlayStation’s You-tube channel.

Here are the videos of the games that were shown in the in the presentation as well, super excited for games coming to the system. Spider man 2 looks amazing and how good the first one was.

Sony PS5 reveal: 'Daring' new design, Spider-Man sequel and all ...

Just wanted to do a post to show of this little beauty, its great and so many games and wide variety of games ready to come out for it as well. I am excited for Spider-man, RE8 and Rachet and Clank it all looks amazing. I am also interested in the Godfall game that was shown as well.

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