Pokemon Crystal – Retro Review

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Now I never owned Silver or Gold I had Crystal, I loved this game so much I loved all the legendary Pokemon Suicune and Entei. It was amazing I would literally play this game every waking hour and before or after school I was Pokemon obsessed anyways but my god its just grown over the years.

So it did develop on, you still had the basic catch your Pokemon, train evolve and breed ( we all know the ditto breeding trick) and to the best that no one ever was. The typical Pokemon blueprint supplied in the previous enteries , the main character wanders the land to become the greatest Pokémon trainer in the world. The game has the familiar Japanese-style RPG engine, meaning top-down scrolling provides the perspective, and big-headed people inhabit the world. The graphics and the Pokemon designs were so much more detailed than before and loads more colourful.

Why Pokémon Crystal will always be the best Pokémon game ...

New features for the game

  • New female character ( yay a female option)
  • More than 100 new Pokemon unique to the GS series
  • New items including the Pokegear
  • Real-time RPG using internal clock
  • Game Boy Printer and Link Cable support
  • Only for Game Boy Colour

There are exactly 251 different species of these animals hiding in Pokémon Crystal game. Through the use of the catching item Pokéballs, you can trap wild Pokémon and bring them to your side to train them. All of the Pokémon have strengths, weaknesses, as well as defensive and offensive attacks. The more battles you take part in and the more they fight for you, they will gain EXP and become stronger and learn new moves along the way. Some of the Pokemon actually show up different locations and at different times of the day really effect the Pokemon you come in to contact with, and some are more difficult to catch than others. Strategy plays a huge part in this game, so it means the game is everyone and I am still playing all these years later to complete my Pokedex and become a Pokemon master.

Pokemon Crystal Coming to 3DS - Cheat Code Central

The clock I feel was the biggest improve and really neat as well. At the start of the game you’ll have to enter in the appropriate time and day of the week, and this is stored in the cartridge from minute one with the game. When you play at night, it’s night in the game. Playing in the morning then its morning in the Pokémon world. The clock serves many functions, most important is the fact that specific Pokémon only show up at certain times during the day. Some Pokemon need to evolve at certain times of the day to evolve like Eevee is evolved in the day will give you Espeon, but if Eevee is evolved at night then you get Umbreon. Which I loved back in the day it was a great feature for this game of the time it was released.

In praise of Kris: the spunky heroine of Pokemon Crystal

Nothing really had changed that much with this game it was an improvement on previous titles, I just loved it so much and that it included the old Pokemon as well. This is one will always be a favourite as all the Pokemon designs we were well done and the old ones improved. I loved it and I still do now its up there.

Pokemon - Crystal Edition: Nintendo Game Boy Color: Amazon.co.uk ...

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