My Hated Parts of Games

Now its time for this list, as some of the games I have real affection for, and don’t get me wrong no game is perfect, not by a long shot at all, but even some of my favourite games, there some parts I don’t like at all or struggle with and I dread to play when I know I am going to replay them. I still love the game, but always like oh god I have to do that part again, these bits don’t stop me from playing obviously I just know I will either be swearing with rage.

Dragon Age Inquisition- Red Lyrium Dragon part of the final boss

Dragon Age™: Inquisition Red Lyrium Dragon - YouTube

Now I know I have mentioned this before in a previous list and I am not going to lie its gets me every time, it has sometimes stopped me from replaying. It is so bloody hard to do, its very much my concentration has to be on full alert to take this guy down. I think the longest it took me was about 30 mins but of full concentration and the amount of deaths is unreal it cause, honestly its been the one boss that really made me break my mouse or controller. But I have to say when I beat him I never cheered so much. He is hard because nothing effects him and you get his shield down and its down for about 30 seconds ( well what it feels like) then its up again so trying to do a lot damage in a short amount of time is hard.

Uncharted Drake’s Fortune- The Jet Ski

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Jet Ski level walkthrough ...

I love the uncharted games, love the series and the reason for why I have a PS4 as yes sadly I was an xbox gamer, but always wanted to play these games as I love Tomb Raider etc. I was really enjoyed the first I was really happy with it until the dreaded Jet Ski part. This was raging gamer at its best, even my mum by the end of it was laughing at me I hated this part its fun to watch others struggle, but when I was doing my god I think I had to have a day off from play it all just because I couldn’t do it its very clunky and the those explosive barrels always seem to just float towards me even when I was out of the way. Its not my favourite part to replay.

Dragon Age Origins – The Mage Tower

What is the purpose of these metal doors in the Circle of Magi ...

Dragon age again makes this list, but I couldn’t not include this one, I love the first game it is what got me into the series, I think origin were given the game away free at the time, so why not if its free its for me. Well I loved it, the story line is great, great characters and plot lines, Then it came to the mage tower part and I hate it, I get really confused with it and drives me made to be honest, all of the running round and you don’t really achieve that much from it. The idea of something going wrong with the mages was a great idea but what you actually do isn’t that fun at all, I find it very time consuming and its really easy to get lost in it, and I don’t think I am on my own with this thought either as you can no MOD this out of the game completely.

Spyro- Any speedway level

Harbor Speedway | Spyro: Year of the Dragon Walkthrough - Spyro ...

Spyro is one of my favourites and always will be and a massive part of my childhood and gaming. I love the games and all the levels, but I have to say I find the speedways really difficult it might just be me, but I do try them and get so far, but I don’t think I have ever finished one on my own ever, my dad had to them for me when I was growing up and now my other half has to do them for me. I don’t what it is the concept is easy and its what to do its just doing it I guess not very a good glider I think.

Resident Evil 3 remake- Drain Deimos level

Resident Evil on Twitter: "Watch out... The Drain Deimos returns ...

Now I have finished this game and even got the platinum as well, which I am proud of to be honest I don’t normally get into horror games , but I took a shin to this one. I replayed this game many times as I had to do it for thorphies, but when it came to replaying the drain deimos sub station part always hated as its easy to get confused and the buggers are quick and you have to avoid them trying to implant their eggs in you, which means you have to use a green herb every time, its very creepy and ewwwy. It’s just not my favourite part of the game to replay.

This are just a few of my least favourite parts, there are probably more but these are the ones that stick out to me. What are your guys least favourite parts of games? do you dread that part for a replay? let me know in the comments or tweet us @gamergeeksuk

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