Favourite Parts Of Games

Now we all have our favourite games and they all have brilliant scenes in them or a particular part of the game you really like playing, don’t get mw wrong there are some brilliant games out there, but they do have parts we don’t enjoy, but that is another post for another time. I am gonna talk about a few of my favourite games, but favourite parts that I loved in them and don’t mind replaying in those games.

Dragon Age Inquisition– Winter Palace

ArtStation - Dragon Age Inquisition: Winter Palace Servants ...

I love and hate this game at the same time, well to sum it I think its beautiful and the characters are amazing, but sometimes it kinda gets a little bit repetitive and makes it a little bit boring, anyways I do have my favourite part in this game, I get excited over playing this part every time. Its the Wicked eyes and Wicked hearts winter palace grand ball sequence, I just love it, I love the gossip and scandals, so much back stabbing going on you don’t who to trust, but also you have to act a certain way to stay in favour with court so you don’t get kicked out. You have to be very coy and sneaky yourself as you try to uncover an assassins plot. Plus you get to dance with Cullen at the end if all works out and its so romantic. It just really reminds me of something you would see in films or TV its great and my favourite to replay.

Uncharted 2- The train

Uncharted 2 Remastered - Shooting Down Train Helicopter! HQ - YouTube

Its my favourite game in the series and I love all of them so much, but the second one always stood out to me. What I think made it for me was the train sequence where your fighting everyone and his dog its great and the fact that it doesn’t feel repetitive in locations it changes all through your play through of the train either swinging to the other carriages or holding on for dear life and trying not to get hit by lights, its great and definitely full on blockbuster scene that gets the heart pumping, its really exciting to see and play. It makes me think back to Indiana Jones and the last crusade like the beginning were indie must move through the train to escape the baddies.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic– (SPOILER )The Plot twist / first time you face malek

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic | A Retrospective (Part 2 ...

This was my first Star Wars game ever, I loved it so much okay it took me a while to get use to the game and controls, but also the style. I loved it so much, but my favourite must be when you actually find out you are Revan and its the bad guy Malek that tells you this, and it all becomes clear and it was so shocking and I did expect it all. Its a great scene and its one I love seeing and playing all over again. Its the fact you get kidnapped and all hell breaks lose, you are being tortured. Its just brilliant.

Call of duty 4 modern warfare – the sniper level

Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare' Turns 10 Today And It's Still The ...

Now I don’t really play COD but I remember my dad having this Christmas one year and oh my I was blown away by this COD, the story was impressive and a first person shooter I actually enjoyed playing. My favourite scene is the sniper section and especially when you have to stay low and walking among the enemy it was terrifying but so exciting. The sneaking around its great and brilliantly done level. Never felt so bad-ass in a game.

Spyro – Dark Passage

Spyro Reignited Trilogy Dark Passage Devil Dog and Armored Turtle ...

Now I have to admit my whole favourite world in the first Spyro is Dream Weaver love the colours and enemies etc. It is all fantasy and I love it. But I have to admit my favourite level is Dark Passage I love replaying it, its so magical and I love the feature about turning the fools into lamps. The remake I think made it even prettier and the dragons you find in the level are gorgeous I just love spending time in this level. The enemies are cool and they are actually quiet adorable when the light is on, and I remembering being terrified of the big red dogs.

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