Streets of rage 4 review

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Well I remember having the original for my mega drive back in the day, loved it, so much fun beating guys up and able to play with friends and family. The characters I remember loving Blaze she was one of the first female characters I actually saw in a game. So I was super excited for 4th instalment. Brings back childhood memories, and wanted to bring more retro back into my life.

Well this game doesn’t disappoint at all, I am in love with this beat em up all over again. They have completely updated things but still kept the retro edge to, similar to sonic mania.

Set 26 years after the third one, this instalment reunites Axel and Blaze to unmask an evil plot devised by Mr. X ( not resident evil). We have two new fighters joining us ,Cherry, a hard-rockin’ young woman with deft moves and killer guitar riffs. Floyd, is cyber enhanced massive man ,who might not have speed or is great for jumping, but definitely packs a punch with his giant metal fists, guarantee to mess anyone’s business up.

Cherry Hunter | Streets Of Rage Wiki | Fandom
Floyd Iraia | Streets Of Rage Wiki | Fandom

The 12 stages in Streets of Rage 4 offer a lot of variety in scenery, obstacles, and enemies. I really don’t like the flame guys they annoying and when I seem to have them they just roll away. The variety of weapons vary from wine bottles to samurai swords. Which is great I love that every stage yes its the same beat em and get to the boss, but the enemies and environments mix it up very well, so it doesn’t feel repetitive.

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The art style I am completely in love with, it was great back in the day in terms of what they could do and it looked great in pixels then, but this cartoon style is so current and really stylish as well. It is such a fresh take on the characters, the hand-drawn style look spectacular.

I found the controls are easy to pick up which is great to new comers including my other half who I have been playing co op with. Once you become more familiar with them, you really get experiment with you attacks, from punches to power moves, you have great fun mixing them up to gain more combos, and special skills can be chained together for even more satisfying combos. The characters all have a different specialty in terms of attack, Blaze can perform some very wild acrobatics that can take enemies in the air, while Floyd uses his huge cyber enhanced arms to grapple enemies with across-the-screen throws and two-person head-smashes. Which are all so awesomely portrayed in the game. All characters have access to star moves, you must use them wisley as you don’t seem to gain a lot of this power attacks and can be very to take out lots of enemies, what we have been doing is saving them for the boss.  There are something special moves that they all have it is massive help for taking out horders of enemies, grant temporary invincibility at the cost of a bit of your health bar to do so, but there is a massive twist in it, as it actually lets you earn that spent health back by taking out enemies without getting hit. However, if you do get hit you lose your spent life, this must be used wisely in the game as its between life or death, I think it adds a great element in there of risk, especially with playing co op do you risk it to help your partner to make it to the end.

I am finding the game hard though as it can be diffiuclt of course you make the game easier for yourself, but then this effects your final score depending on what assit you choose for yourself, but it does help to have extra lives, but again I do like it because it brings back the retro game element, as you start and die its game over and you start all again, as we have become use to auto save, it makes a nice change and it means you have think about your attacks more.

Streets of Rage 4 looks great and sounds familiar in new gameplay ...

Streets of Rage 4 I think is a great comeback for beat em up series. It looks great, feels great, and plays very well. It is a relatively short game but its great to experience it, it’s the sort of game you want to replay solo or with mates can easily enjoy playing and re-playing and obviously the more you play it you unlock more modes etc. If you want classic beat up style, then get your ass on the streets of rage and see how you do . I am in love it I think I really love the art style its great and makes a change for modern games today, its the kinda of game to play first to get you in the mood for a gaming day. What do you guys think? let me know in the comments or tweet us.

Streets Of Rage 4 Review - The Beat-'Em-Up Boys Are Back In Town ...
look at the art style love it, awesome art design want this as a poster

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