Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy review

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Well seen as I have actually finished the FF7 remake which I didn’t think I would I super enjoyed that game, graphics stunning and game play mind blowing. Now I know there were certain characters that hadn’t made and appearance yet, I may not know the full original story but I know some of the characters to still arrive. This was recommended by a friend who actually love this game, and I wanted to do more final fantasy games, and as ytou guys are aware I love collecting games and finding them so I found myself a very good copy of Dirge of Cerberus.

Dirge of Cerberus, you play as Vincent Valentine ( slight crush on now) , a kick ass immortal gunslinger with a dark past, who is also tall dark and handsome.The events in the game come three years after Cloud and company saved the world from total annihilation.This is when people have started to put the pieces of their lives back together. But there’s more trouble in store (typical) A group of elite soldiers known as Deepground have plans to revive the Omega weapon and destroy the world. Here we go again.

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I think Vincent himself is pretty well done, and while there aren’t any major surprises or twists, the game’s focus on a small group of characters and their experiences hold on their own. It really is some engaging stuff and I know I am still enjoying playing it to be honest. The other characters in the game are mostly Reeve or Yuffie, the other FF7 stars just tend to make cameos in the game, but I actually like this as you get to spend more time with the other characters, obviously, you spend more time with Vincent, but that I don’t mind that.

The only real twist of this game is that isn’t your normal run of the mill Final Fantasy game, it is actually a shooter, which I still thing has a great story to tell.

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII (2006) promotional art ...

The game plays out in you typical standard mission-based format. They set up the next areas or chapters with cut scene, which I have to say look really good. You start the stage off and start blasting your way down a very linear path from the start of the level to the end, where you usually encounter a boss of some sort. The general goal is to kill everything that moves, but sometimes you’ll trigger mission events, which present you with a more immediate goal, such as to protect all the civilians in the vicinity, or to disarm the hidden mines in a room, or even rescuse a child. Now I know the targeting system does seem a bit easy and it is very linear, but I have to admit I am really enjoying it, its nice to play and it offers me a enough challenge to keep going.

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Another nice mention is the fact it isn’t always a straight-forward shooter. Between its primary bouts of first and third-person blasting, there’s also the occasional stealth level, a narrative-only environment and rail-shooting moments with very large heavy repeaters. To be honest, none of these stages are particularly striking in their depth or value compared to the main shooting bits, but it does attempt to change the pace of things and is succeeds. It does try to mix it up for the player and I quiet enjoyed the level were you literally just shoot at dogs,as it cam straight after a main stage part. I know it doesn’t mean to say the game is great, but its offers more in terms of story, and I know it hasn’t been give the best reception when it first appeared, but I quite like it. Its different for me to play a game like this anyways, so maybe that is why I like or the fact I have a soft spot for Vincent.

I like the fact that at the end of each stage you can upgrade your weapons, its nice change and spent your gil on upgrades or potions etc. It isn’t like the enemies are too difficult but its nice to have a lot of fire power as well.

The game has its problems with pacing and stage design is bland,but it’s also easy to get into, tells a great story, and is fun to shoot with, I am having a great time with it, it makes a change from normal FF games for me.

Is Dirge of Cerberus the best use of the Final Fantasy VII universe, no isn’t not. It is a pretty decent game with a strong story and rifle blasting whats not love, its kind of a guilty pleasure and of course its not mind blowing, but it doesn’t have to be for me to enjoy it. Vincent is brilliant, that is all that matters.

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