Favourite Characters 2020 so far

Now I have been playing quiet a few games so far and I have actually completed some as well. Finally tackling the back log of games and maybe doing a bit of trophy hunting myself at the moment as well. Whilst I have been playing lots of games, there are characters that you really get you and become connected too. So far we have had some great come out in 2020 with more on the way. So I wanted to share a few of my favourite characters so far in 2020 from the games I have played. Some of the characters I know won’t be from the actual year but characters I have discovered this year so far.

Jill Valentine

Resident Evil Resistance is getting Jill Valentine as a playable ...

She is a bad-ass and think she is a great character, I have really enjoyed RE3 remake, this is the game I am trying to get the platinum for as well, she is just great kicks ass doesn’t whine, she gives the men in the game a run for their money as well.


Final Fantasy VII Remake: How to get Jessie to kiss Cloud

This girl I loved she is so much fun, also a massive flirt as well. This character really surprised me in the game, as I have started the original as well but you don’t connect with her the same, unlike the remake you connect with her I really wish she was the girl for cloud. She is cute and girl with dreams, a girl who wants to get the job done and take on the bad guys.


Can we call agree, bd-1 is the cutest thing in the world ...

A cute adorable robot, I fell for this little as soon as I saw him in the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Game, at some points this little guy steals the show, he maybe small but used in the right way he can do some serious damage and is a massive help in the game. He has the best sound effects and I just love my own personal BD-1 any day. Funny as well as smart.

Cloud Strife

Soapbox: Final Fantasy VII Remake's Cloud Goes From Hero to Zero ...

Now at first I didn’t like him, then Barret kept judging him so I kinda felt sorry for him but I didn’t bond with him at first as he was cold and straight to point without emotions, but as the story progressed, you progress with cloud and you know what he is a good guy and kinda melts a lot with all the friends he makes and cares for.

Vincent Valentine

Vincent Valentine | Final Fantasy Characters | Final Fantasy Union

Well what can I say I saw him in advent children movie and brought his game dirge of cerberus for ps2, I actually really like the game game, but he is a great character, love it and might even say have a tiny crush on him and soft spot for him, whats not to love the voice, the tall dark and handsome look is down. But he is great with gun and kick ass and makes a change a kinda darkish character is the good guy, love his guns. Another Bad ass.

Carlos Oliveira

Capcom France Reveals Full Carlos Resident Evil 3 Redesign

He is great, he is again a kick ass character but with a heart. His punch is second to none, but his chemistry with Jill is great and is well played throughout the game as well. I like the fact he knows Jill can handle herself, and he actually acknowledges this as well, treats her as his equal. He has massive respect for her and his other team mates as well, he wants to do the right thing.

Erika Mishima

Now this one did surprise me, I didn’t actually take to her at first in the Digimon game, but she grew on me, she was so cold and didn’t really say anything, but she was a computer whizz, but through time and playing through the story you become sorry for her and you bond with her and no spoilers but she makes a big bold move at the end. that made me cry a little. She becomes caring and shows heart.

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