Resident Evil 3 -Hints/Tips/Locations/Codes

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Now I have played through Resident Evil 3 remake a few times now I really wanted the rocket launcher, so it took me a while and as you earn points whilst playing through for taking so many enemies out or uses a certain weapon to take people out. You also have some things like searching for the files in the game as well, as finding all weapons and their upgrade parts. Charlie dolls, are also key to this and I am still trying to find all of them myself as well, which unlocks more points to spend in the shop to unlock more weapons etc.

So I have decided to put together a blog post of where you can find all the items, dolls and locations of things as well. I just thought if people are stuck like me just missing those few files or dolls it will help them out. Its going to be a post that contains locker combinations and safe codes as well.

All Safe/Locker Combinations
Area Location Combination
Raccoon City, Downtown First floor apartment building opposite the
Pharmacy: Left 9, Right 3, Left 7

Police Station West Office: 1F Left 9, Right 15, Left 7
Hospital Nurses’ Station: Right 9, Left 3


Raccoon City Police Station shower room (2F)- Code: CAP

Raccoon City Police Station (3F) Code: DCM

Upgrade part locations:
All Handgun Upgrade Locations :

The Dot Sight -Location Raccoon
City, Downtown. First floor apartment building
opposite the Pharmacy and up
the stairs.
In the safe. (Left 9, Right 1, Left 8)

Extended Magazine – Location Raccoon City, Downtown

Defeat Nemesis after restoring power to
the Subway Substation. Throw a grenade helps him drop this item easily.

Moderator – Location Raccoon City, Downtown

Defeat Nemesis after programming the
train’s route but before you reach the
Subway Station. Again throw grenade, found it to be very useful for drops.

All Shotgun Upgrade Locations

Tactical Stock – Location Racoon City, Downtown

Subway Station

Use the Green Jewel on the Monument.

Semi-Auto Barrel – Location Kendo’s Gun Shop
On a shelf to the far left as you enter the building.

Shell Holder– Location The Underground

In the gigantic room where you must locate three Fuses to
power the elevator. After squeezing through the gap, use the lift
switch by the staircase to access a corner of the warehouse.
You will find a briefcase in the back there. ( this was the one I was missing for ages)

All Assault Rifle Upgrade Locations

Scope – Location Police Station West Office 1F

In the S.T.A.R.S chest on the main table.

Tactical Grip– Location Hospital Courtyard

As soon as you jump out of the first floor window down into the
courtyard for the first time, look immediately to your right. The
Tactical Grip will be sitting on top of a plant pot.

Dual Magazine– Location Hospital

Nurses’ Station

In the safe. (Right 9, Left 3)

All MAG Upgrade Locations

Extended Barrel– Location Underground Storage

The Surveillance Room

Behind the gigantic control panel in a white

Charlie Doll Locations– Pictures included

1.Redstone Street Station

Resident Evil 3 Subway Downtown Charlie Doll

2.Downtown – Drugstore storage

Resident Evil 3 Charlie Doll locations drugstore storage

3.Downtown – Donut Shop

Resident Evil 3 Charlie Doll locations Downtown Donut Shop

4.Subway Control Room

Resident Evil 3 Charlie Doll locations Subway Control Room

5.Subway Power Substation

Resident Evil 3 Substation Control Room Charlie Doll.

6.Toy Uncle store

Resident Evil 3 Toy Uncle Downtown Charlie Doll

7.Sewers – Lower Waterway

Resident Evil 3 Sewers Lab Charlie Doll

8.Sewers – Lower Waterway Exit

Resident Evil 3 Charlie Doll locations Sewers Lower Waterway exit

9.Downtown – house

Resident Evil 3 Downtown Demolition Site House Charlie Doll

10.Police Station – Courtyard

Resident Evil 3 Police Station Courtyard

11.Police Station – Safety Deposit Room

Resident Evil 3 Carlos Police Station Charlie Doll

12.Subway Tunnels

Resident Evil 3 Charlie Doll locations Subway Tunnels

13.Clock Tower Plaza

Resident Evil 3 Charlie Doll locations Clock Tower Plaza

14.Hospital – Past reception

Resident Evil 3 Charlie Doll locations Hospital Reception

15.Hospital – Roof

Resident Evil 3 Charlie Doll locations Hospital Roof

16.Hospital – Sickroom

Resident Evil 3 Charlie Doll locations Hospital Sickroom

17.Hospital – 1F Before Warehouse

Resident Evil 3 Charlie Doll locations Hospital Before Warehouse

18.Underground Storage

Resident Evil 3 Charlie Doll locations Underground Storage

19.NEST 2 – 2F

Resident Evil 3 NEST 2 Charlie Doll

20.NEST 2 – 2F

Resident Evil 3 NEST 2 Charlie Doll

List of all the weapons in game:
Survival Knife Initial weapon
Handgun -Found Downtown
Shotgun Found in Railway Office (Requires Bolt Cutters)
Grenade Launcher– Save Room in the Sewers
Assault Rifle– Carlos’ Initial Weapon
Frag Grenade – Found in multiple areas
Burst Handgun– Found in the Sick Room
Flash Grenade – Police station and Hospital
Magnum (Jill only) – Hospital Courtyard

Shop weapons:
Hot Dogger – Bought from the Shop(7200P)
Samurai Edge 16 Bought from the Shop(5600P)
RAI-DEN Infinite Bought from the Shop(12,000P)
Infinite Handgun 16* Bought from the Shop (8000P)
Infinite Assault Rifle 32* Bought from the Shop (28400P)
Infinite Rocket Launcher 1* Bought from the Shop (62400P)

NOTE: Infinite Ammo weapons will still require reloads, but will never run out of ammo.

All Note/File Locations

Jill’s Report– On the wall in Jill’s room

Investigation Notes– On the bulletin board in Jill’s room

Unsealed Envelope -On the cabinet in Jill’s room

Message from a Colleague– In the kitchen in Jill’s room

Drugstore Owner’s Journal -Found next to the safe in drug store at Downtown

Kite Bros. Railway Manual– Found in the subway office puzzle room in Downtown

Subway Employee’s– Memo On the table next to the Shotgun in subway office, downtown

Your Charlie Doll-Poster on the wall at Toy Shop in Downtown. Lockpick required

Training Log– Next to dead body in the repair shop in Downtown. Bolt Cutter required.

U.B.C.S. Suicide Note– Near a dead body behind the repair shop, in the alley in Downtown

Electrician’s Note– On the wall in the alley on your way to Substation in Downtown

U.B.C.S. Ammo Crafting Guide – On the bench in the Subway platform

Tabloid Front Page– Kiosk in the Subway

U.B.C.S. Herb Field Manual – On a table in the 2F office near the Substation

Green Herbs: They Work!– On a wooden shelf next to 2 green herbs near the Substation

Substation Internal Memo– On the wall next to the Substation entrance

Chad’s Notes-Above the gated ladder platform in the Substation

Increased Sewer Security-On the wall next to the Battery Pack lock door in the Sewer

Invoice from Kendo’s Gun Shop– In the Sewer’s office, on the step ladder in the corner

Research Assistant’s Log– In the Sewer’s office, on the desk by the door

Sewer Worker’s Note– Past the sludge waterfall near Hunter γ nest, near a dead body

A Love Letter?-In the Sewer lab, on the desk around the corner

Notice of Demolition Delay– Near the item box on the Construction Site where Nemesis chases you

Raccoon Times Reader’s Column-On the bedroom in house in alley behind Kendo Gun Shop

Email Outbox– Turn around and head out the gate behind the R.P.D. entrance where you fight Brad zombie. Found in a room next to ham radio.

ID Card Security Protocols-Past the gate Tyrell opens for you in R.P.D., next to an item box on the bench

Sept. 20 Arrest Report-On Marvin’s desk in the West Office at R.P.D.

Internal Memo-On the table at the Safe Room near the Darkroom in R.P.D.

Note To A Friend-On the bench on the 2F Shower Room in R.P.D.

3F Locker-On the white board at 3F Safety Deposit Room in R.P.D.

Reports on the Mansion Incident-On Wesker’s desk in S.T.A.R.S. Office in R.P.D.

Hope you guys find this useful, just wanted to give you a hand to get those points and trophy achievements. If I have missed anything let me know in the comments or tweet us.

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