Games Playing/ Wanting to start

Now you guys know I love collecting games and creating myself a back log of games is huge, not as big as it use to be in the current climate. I have managed to complete a few now Digmon cyber sleuth, FF7 remake and Resident Evil 3 remake. But there are games I have still have to complete or actually start playing, don’t get me wrong there are some I have actually started.

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch for Nintendo Switch ...

Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch switch version – playing

This was a birthday present, I was so happy when I got it but it has taken until now to start playing it, having so much fun with it and started straight after the FF7 remake, as I started to understand JPRG’s a lot more, and I am enjoying its a little bit slower, but I don’t mind that its nice to take your time and not as high action or octane, the art style is great loving the colours and characters and already done 5 hours roughly. I like that its different and Drippy is making me laugh.

Persona 5 Royal: tips from the heart, new wallpapers - PlayStation ...

Persona 5 royal- wanting to start

Looks like I have finally caught that JPRG bug, the art style is so cool in this, its brilliant, always wanted to give this a proper go but never had the time to give it the love and time it deserves. But now I do with what is happening, so I really want to give this a go because all I hear is great things about this game, from game-play I have seen its looks different and cool.

Final Fantasy VIII - Find your Way (Cover) - YouTube

Final Fantasy 8 remastered- started

Now seen as I have done FF7 remake I wanted to finally, get into the series and the remake has hooked me to Final Fantasy, wanting to see what more this has to offer and this one, has always been recommended to me enjoying so far only played a little bit but I wanted to start some where so just at the beginning, but its only taken me 20 years to get to the beginning.

Resident Evil 3 Remake' Art Leaked On PSN Ahead Of Official ...

Resident Evil 3 – (Hard mode) wanting to start

Now you all know, I did complete this game and loved it, but I did do it on assisted mode and no shame, but I wanted to revisit this game and actually play on hard, either to see how long I would last but also wanting to challenge myself, I think I could do it in this one as well, well one it is short and not as much back and forth like RE2, so I think its possible, wish me luck guys.

Petition · Square Enix: Don't ruin what made Final Fantasy 7 so ...

FF7 orinigal – want to start

Now because I enjoyed the remake so much and its going to be in parts, I am hooked on the stories and characters, I want to carry on the story I want to know what happens and experince the orinigal for the first time myself, I know things will be different than the remake I get that. I want to carry on my love for these characters I have become attached to, I want to know what happens to them, plus more JPRG training for myself.

I have noticed a theme myself in there its all turn based combat and JPRG’s I am finally enjoying them, understanding them and I am finally breaking my fear of them, plus we have trials of mana coming as well I will be knee deep in all of it. Its like I have finally started my training and again found a different genre I am use to playing. Which is what I think gaming is all about finding out what you enjoy and don’t and that you need to give things time.

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