Resident Evil – Rumors

Now we have all heard a lot of rumours going round about the RE series, due to RE3 remake coming out, and people wanting more RE things because both the remakes have been a success. Some of the rumours going round that we could have some of the series game titles being remade, such as RE4 having heard that this will be a 2022 release from rumours seen on social media etc, Apparently Capcom have given this a a green light for this.

Now I don’t know how I feel about this as to be honest I have played it, I have watched my other play it and it was great and the storyline was quiet good, it did have great enemies such as chainsaw guy and the iron maidens, but I was never really a fan of the arcade style of it, the over the shoulder, but I don’t know if this needs to be remade it’s graphics on modern consoles have been up scaled etc. But I do love that RE engine it’s magical, and maybe in some ways a remake could do it some justice as it won’t be as arcade looking and maybe they will take out some bits like the escort mission of Ashley etc. I know people feel really passionately about it not being remade, but myself I will probably buy it I love the series and we play it anything with RE and Capcom no this people will at the moment but anything RE due to how popular the remakes have become. If they were going to remake one I would have said Code Veronica as I actually liked that one slightly more and stuck more to RE style in some ways and I know Steve can be annoying at times in that game, but with RE engine it could be really great and the story was actually good as well, so much they could do with it . I know this game is seen as kinda the black sheep no one really mentions it and didn’t do as well as RE4 did, but they could make it great with remaking Veronica.

More rumours RE8 is also coming too, RE8 village and suppose to be on track for 2021 releases for the new modern consoles PS5 and new Xbox. The game will reportedly be set in Europe, feature a new pursuing enemy called the Witch and will even see Chris Redfield make a return, goodie or baddie who knows? The game is more than likely going to return the RE7 style of gaming of making it first person ( never played RE7 because of this too scary) which terrifies me as I have actually really enjoyed playing the remakes as it’s it been third person over the shoulder, which the game is still scary but something about first person makes it feel more like your the one who all the bad stuff is happening too. Excited for the game tho I enjoyed watching RE7 from a distance and the story was great creepy factor and terror was real, excited to see what ideas they have, village already sounds scary to me anyways.

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