My hardest RE Baddies

Now I have finally done my own play through of RE3 remake ( check it out on twitch ) and RE2 remake as well and I have also watched of a lot RE game play-through, as my other half is the RE hardcore fan so I have seen a lot of the enemies in the series. So when I have played the games and watch there are a variety of enemies I am just going to do a little list of the the ones I found difficult to take on, not that I haven’t killed them but some are harder than others and actually scarier than others. the list isn’t ranked either just a post of what the enemies to except to cause problems. This is just my opinion, these are just ones I struggled with.

  1. Lickers
Resident Evil 2 Remake - Licker How to Kill ? - Naguide

These are very much legendary in the RE2 and if you did watch my stream when I did these guys caused me no end of problems, using the sneak method never worked out because well they were always spawned right were I was all the time. These guys are quick,jumpy and very hard kill do not attempt with handgun wasting bullets, and just making them more angry. The tongue also frightening and can be used to hit you as well. These use to be rabbits not so cute now, but the ultimate killing machines and made me scared of doing my play through.

2. Hunters Gamma& Beta RE3 remake

Hunter γ | Resident Evil Wiki | Fandom
Resident Evil 3 Remake】Hunter β (Beta) - How To Kill【RE3 Remake ...

These guys are bad ass, Gammas are massive and slow but the reach of the mouth and teeth on these things are huge, that actually lead to a one hit kill as it will just gobble you up, difficult as you have to keep your distance but need to fire at it, at the same time. Beta, if you watched the stream this week these caused me lots of trouble, as they if they choose can one hit kill you with a special claw move, which I came to know very well, these guys compared to their counter parts are smaller, but faster, full of speed and fury. These guys can also see as well so when you have your weapon them they don’t like and move out of the way again making them harder to kill and again shoot at distance from them as well. Aim for the head, words from Carlos.

3. The moulded Re7

What Is Resident Evil 7's MOLD MONSTER? • Resident Evil 7 Before ...

These terrified me from RE7 when I watched my other half play-through, these guy are tough to kill there giant teeth and swinging arm, the sound horrible and they are actually quiet slow, but do have a little bit of speed so they can kinda catch up to you, when I first saw these they were horrible the noises they make as well, but don’t let it fool you they are difficult in that game like bullet sponges.

4. Mr X

How To Survive Mr. X In Resident Evil 2 - YouTube

He is creepy, loud footsteps and got a tracking sense better than a dog he wont stop till he finds and its was amazing that he could pretty much follow you anywhere, so no where was safe from him. The echos of his boots were super creepy ans scary I didn’t dare move, but he will eventually find you. He ain’t just a walking giant, he impressive strength and the boss battle you have with him at the end of Leon’s campaign is terrifying and he is hard remember dying a phew times to his fast hand claw attack its deadly and you have the tiniest place to shoot him, he keeps coming though and get use to dodging him a lot not just in the RPD but in the final boss battle.

4. Nemesis

Resident Evil 3's Nemesis Will Be More Dangerous Than Ever | Den ...

How could I not include him, he is RE3 mascot baddie, he was so difficult in the original and does literally pop up very unexpectedly. He is super strong, super fast, and even does his own super hero landing leap in the remake. he is tough, but he is a great bad guy. He has more than one form and he is one who doesn’t give up on his pursuit for Jill and stars members, well he knows what he wants. He is a hard obstacle to get round as well, only bullets kinda slow him down and is pretty much unstoppable right up until the end.

5. Iron Maiden’s RE4

resident evil 4 leon iron maiden death - YouTube

These guys are horrible, again one hit kill and these guys will grab and stab you, so Leon isn’t coming back from that. They are slow, but I find that when you take them down you can only use on weapon and must use infrared to see the parts you need to shot, but again keep an eye of there is more than one and your distance from them. They sound horrible and keep me on my toes, as I am totally terrified every time I face them.

These are just a few enemies in RE series, but these ones are the ones that I found difficult to take on. Which ones did you find hard? or scary? comment and the bottom or tweet us.

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