Jill vs Claire – who is the favourite?

Jill Valentine 1999 vs. 2019 : residentevil
Jill Valintine
Resident Evil 2 Remake vs Original Early Graphics Comparison - YouTube
Claire Redfield

I love these two characters so much strong female leads in their own right, they both kick ass and have no fears taking on the bad guys or zombies for that matter. I love them both equally for different reasons, but we all have a favourite we do, as humans we automatically pick a favourite.

I am only going to compare through the games I have watched or played so that is the original trilogy, and the two recent remakes.

My favourite I would have to pick would be Jill Valintine. This is just my opinion, so don’t hate me please. I really like Jill a lot she was in the very first one and that game as I have never played but watched I really like her play through and she can handle herself. The outfit was kinda goofy, which I give style points to Claire in this one that iconic red outfit in the first that is my favourite, anyways back to Jill, she is in Stars a highly ranked division in Raccoon City as well, and it was her first task was the Spencer Mansion. Which is no mean feat to take on all that the mansion comes at you.

Resident Evil 2 - classic costume trailer | ResetEra
Favourite outfit.

Claire’s first appearance in the RE2, I thought was great she does kick ass don’t get me wrong, and more plus points she is again just thrown into with no actual training in this, in some ways she does start as a bit of a damsel in distress I am using the term loosely as she is kinda rescued by Leon at the beginning, but then she has to go her own way. Now the remake I think is capture perfectly as you she her grow into her mission and grow as a person over the period of time, as she has to adapt and become more bad ass as the game goes on. I am not saying not have help from a man at all but again she is just a normal girl that has this zombie world thrusted upon her, and yes Jill has help in the first game as well, from fan favourite Barry ( love his gun)

Now what I like more about Jill slightly more than Claire, is her sassyness and her I can just be good as the boys attitude, she literally gives the men in Re3 a run for their money, again I love how this is portrayed in the RE3 remake, the banter and little one liners between her and Carlos are brilliant. SPOILERS, when she even gives herself up for bait again Nemesis to save Carlos and the others, its nuts I am screaming Jill go off with the handsome man, no she wants to save everyone not just herself, and its show through RE3 remake, its fantastic. Her emotions in that game you actually feel them with her, even thinking the same as her in the different situations in the game. She is more of a toughened up character when compared to Claire. I just the fact is I love the idea of a female cop characters runnning the show its great and good to have strong female characters.

In some ways Claire is a more lighter innocent tone, which is great good girl saving the day and her story linked with sherry its great you get to see more of a motherhood tone, which is something you don’t really see in other RE games, which again its lovely to see a mother type/sister type figure saving the day its great and again its more of a personal journey for her, she is just an ordinarily girl who has to fight for survival what isn’t to love about that. I just love the more dark rougher tone you get with Jill, as its something that isn’t seen very often.

These are 2 of my favourite female characters out there I love them, just wanted to compare and contrast them and obviously wanted to talk about my favourite I love Jill and Claire, but Jill i feel is my favourite but that just me who is your favourite? tweet us or leave a comment below.

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