Final Fantasy 7 Remake – Initial thoughts

Final Fantasy VII Remake: What you need to know - CNET

Now I know I have been very lucky to get my preorder copy early and I have had a good sit down with it now and I am not going to spoil or put any footage and screenshots on here until official release date, I don’t want to spoil it for any of you at all.

Final Fantasy has always been a series I wanted to get into but never really did and its take me about 20 years to kinda have an little bit of the basic understanding, I always thought it would be too complex for my tiny mind, but I have had a go at FF9 which i am still playing and enjoying.

FF7 remake its one of the most visually stunning games I have ever played even better than the Advent children film, its wow its seamless, its beautiful I was in traced by its beauty. The demo that was released was the bomb run which even I know from the original is the very beginning of the game I have progressed after that and it really doesn’t disappoint at all. I love the kinda hack and slash feel it has the character development is great massice Jessie fan she is just a flirt buts it entertained and engaging. I am not gong to give to much away at all I want you guys to have your own exeperince of the game.

For me a newbie to the series and franchise, I am loving this game, its brilliant, hopfully going to play some more today as I have plenty of time of my hands. I love the setting and battle style as well which suits me down to the ground and again still getting use to switching between characters. This game is worth waiting for its lovely completely different from what I am playing now and almost feels like a grown up game in terms of character and story.

Final Fantasy VII Remake The Game Awards 2019 trailer - Gematsu

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