Resident Evil 3 remake – REVIEW !!

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Now with finally completed Resident Evil 3, I feel I can write about it. I think this is a great game, the visuals are again very impressive with RE engine, the environments are brilliant I love that you get to finally see more of Racoon City than ever before. This game is more jumpy and more panic when compared to RE2 as you are actually in the mix when the outbreak kinda first happens, which is something you feel right from the off.

Resident Evil 3 Remake is still an excellent experience that even RE fans will still enjoy it does however, feel more an action game then a survival horror, but I always found that in the original as well, due to dramatic action scenes in there. The game brings back fan favourite Jill as well and she is even more bad ass then ever, her sassyness if off the scale and its brilliant to see, as at some points she is say exactly what you are thinking in certain scenes and when facing the RE3 bad boy nemesis.

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The Nemesis sequences, for example, are completely different to the Mr. X sections from the Resident Evil 2 Remake. Mr X made the most of his stalking and the fear when hearing his loud footsteps and music tune when he sees. The Nemesis is more bombastic, but again is this due to the fact Nemesis is bigger, badder and more heavily equipped. He doesn’t walk down streets he just blasts through the walls instead. slower, but the methodical Mr. X is somehow more menacing and more fear pumping in some ways, as you have work round him not other way around, I did miss that from this game the little bit of cat and mouse, but to be honest it more than likely due to where the game is set in the streets not a massive Police station with all its hidden doors and corridors as well, which adds some more realism for the game.

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The cut scenes are brilliant, action packed and high octane. The opening scene is fantastic and one of my favourite openings to a game, as you up and down like a high speed roller coaster and doesn’t put the breaks on. The chase sequences are fun and scary, as you are trying to slow Nemesis down. It does have the traditional boss battles where the only way to move forward is to pump it full of explosives. Kick some ass.

The game is more logical in some ways, as not as much back and forth between keys and rooms like before, which is nice and again adds more realism to game as its set in the streets and in a zombie ridden area you don’t want to keep running back and forth between streets you want to survive and be out there as little as possible unless your name is Jill. Due to the less back tracking, I feel it has meant we have had a lot more enemies to take on such as the Hunters and the horrible icky drain deimos.

The drain deimos section, I know when I play through it myself and not my other half, is going to hard one I don’t like bugs but also the maze can be a bit confusing and the move they have to infect her with the parasite makes if more challenging, I am glad they made them smaller, but deadly than the original and again added a scene and details that weren’t in the original, which is great and keeps if fresh for both new comers and hardcore fans of the game. This is something I have found in both games that they have worked so hard on the little details in the game I love it, like you actually see Jill’s little flat which we have never before and down to newspaper and letters its adds more to the series.

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Resident Evil 3 does feel a lot more varied as a result of constant shift of varied locations and enemies, which sometimes you did get sick of going round that police station at times as it was the same location. It makes this game a lot more faster paced for players due so much variation. Who doesn’t love exploring new locations, I know I do and its keeps it fresh and modern, adding more realism as you are actually a character as you want to keep moving to get out of the panic. Which is something they really do capture in the game the panic and fear of thinking of your feet and what to do next, as this set when it all starts to kick off and go wrong.

I have to add I like that you can play more of Carlos, I actually really liked his character from the first, and you didn’t really get to know what he was really like before.His and Jill’s character really bounce of each other in terms of acting and the back and forth banter they have between them is fun. Carlos kicks ass, just as much as Jill can and his bits are really fun to play as well, would love to have played the game 2 player in the campaign, but that wasn’t meant to be. Its great you get to switch to other character at certain points like RE2 but Carlos has more firepower at his disposal too.

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Resident Evil classic survival horror tropes are still at the main heart of the game like resource management and sporadic saving, only with more gun-toting battle sequences and corpses. You have to again make most of the space you have got and be tactical with health items and weapons you take out with you. Which is great for this series as it makes you think can I get through this section without healing?

Overall, I think Resident Evil 3 is a fantastic game and Capcom have done it again with its latest remake efforts. The single-player campaign is wonderful, I feel it does a real good job of combining 2020 gameplay with that classic Resident Evil tone. Hoping for new games and soon and Resident evil 8 anyone? Dino Crisis? or personally for Resident evil Code veronica pretty please Capcom.

100% recommend this game, I never really play RE until the remakes either and really enjoyed both.

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