Resident Evil 3 Remake – Initial thoughts

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OMG that was my actual first words, the opening bit is just so WOW, action packed and packs a huge set piece punch. It cleverly done. You actually feel Jill’s panic and emotions and it all happens so quickly so you and her have to think on your feet straight away it doesn’t ease you in.

To me this is scary, and i feels a lot more jumpier than RE2 even though they are both very scary. It’s nice to have a different setting like Racoon streets, its great to see the city as a whole now as well. So you really feel like you are at the start of all the chaos, that follows when your first start.

Resident Evil 3 remake is out now | Rock Paper Shotgun

It is beautifully scary and haunting, you constantly feel like you are on the edge of your seat, as you don’t if zombies are just gonna burst through walls or doors, actually it uses dead bodies on the floor as a great trick as you think your save then BAM one of the dead has jumped up and tried to bite your ankle. I have jumped a lot so far. But I am loving it, never played the orinigal one like with RE2, but I am loving the story so far.

It makes use of luring you in a false sense of security, as you think okay we got this then BAM nemsis will show up or something will just jump out at you. It’s use of shadow work in this game is brilliant, as you can make out the shadow of a zombie, it makes it more scary to come round that corner, when you already know something is waiting for you.

So far love it, love the scary eerie feel, love the jumps. I just love it, was worth waiting for. I will be streaming soon I promise.

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