Tekken 2 – Retro Review

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Now this game brings back my childhood, it was my first game into the series and I got my ass kicked everytime by either or Dad or cousins, but I loved it. I didn’t have a game like it at my disposal, the characters where so much fun. King I loved him he was my favourite I don’t even know why maybe because of the animal head in a smart suit , but I didn’t care he was my favourite.

I have started replaying this game again, I am much older, so you think I would kick ass, I get to stage 4/5 in the arcade mode and my thumbs were killing again the hard skin growing again because I was button bashing harder than before, plus figuring out the controls at the same time.

Tekken 2. The undeniable king of fighting games. You get to break bones and maybe even your controller your fighting that hard to progress. Devil and his lasers Jesus I forgot all about him.

Tekken 2 Screenshots for PlayStation - MobyGames

After the first game they made lots of improvements, such as moves, characters and the fighting backgrounds/arenas. The characters are detailed, and come with new features, like head movement. Furthermore, they have twice as many moves, combos, and throws than previously seen and played. The characters well mostly also now have at least three different ten-string combos. The combos for this game are insane for its time and I love it. This really got me into fighting genre, I know play more DOA, but Tekken still has a place in my heart after all this time.

One of the most noticeable enhancement in the game however, is the light sourcing. The PS1 can seemingly make light appear from anywhere during the battle, which adds that more edgy feel to the game and actually more depth. The game consists of 25 playable characters who all have their own special ending. When you first start, you only start with 10 but as you play through you unlock new characters as you go and then must use them to progress further.

tekken 2

The graphics for its time were astounding and the fluid characters movements were something else. It still amazes me now how far it has come and I remember admiring the graphics even then when I was so young. Simple control formats did really help as it allowed inexperienced players (younger me, actually the me now) to begin play immediately with minimal effort. Thanks to the game’s complex system of moves and combos, it will keep you invested in and wanting to collect all the characters as I remember there being some awesome ones.. Tekken 2 in my opinion is the favourite for me in the series, I know people say Tekken 3 I do like that one, Tekken 2 will always be the game me and my dad played a hell of a lot together.

Also loved the fact you could change the outfits by pressing the other symbol buttons as well LOVE IT !!!!

Tekken 2 (1995) box cover art - MobyGames

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