CO-OP games to try

Now I remember playing co op games a lot when I was younger, mainly fighting games, but I loved being able to play games that I could co op like racing games or even mini games. It isn’t as common now to get 2 player story line games that aren’t fighting to racing type ones.

I just wanted to do a list of a few games I would recommend if you are bored at the moment and want to do something together as siblings, something that isn’t over the internet as that seems the only way to do co op now.

Overcooked 2

Overcooked! 2 for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game Details

This game is so much fun I have played both with other half and as well as my sister and its very interesting how you see people work together. As you must work together to get as many meals out as possible, but with a twist as there are obstacle in your way, such you many only be able to throw certain things to each such as ingredients, that can only be cooked on your partners side, as they can’t get to them. The floors also move as well so you have to time your runs carefully, but it is so much and its stressful but you want to get the best and the most meals out as you can.

Gears of War series

The Gears of War film has a writer -

Now I love the Gears of War franchise, it is so much the first one still scares me today but the 2nd/3rd are just as good, all the Gears game come with local co op so you play with the whole campaign two player straight from your sofa, this was one of the favourites for me and my sister to play together especially the 2nd. We love it shoot and chainsawing our way through would recommend for some co op fun with anyone in your house.

Borderlands 3 ( actually any of them)


Borderlands is so much fun , me and the other half played this game, well its fun until he starts to steal all the ammo so I shoot anything, but its nice that we can play such a modern game and do all the quests and main story line together, its great to kick ass shoot and beat the enemies how ever we want to BOOM BABY.

Resident Evil revelations 2

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Main Characters | Resident evil ...

Well I thought I would add a little horror into my list, this game I did play co op as either the young or little girl in the play through, you can’t do as much but you can hit with crowbar or help Barry sense where things are ts great and it was fun to play through as 2 players so we could experience the game together. Its does have its moments of scary not as scary as Mr X mind, but still can make you a little worried about what is round the corner. Maybe a game to play later in the evening.

Mario Kart ( deluxe for switch 64 or Mario kart wii)

Everything we know about the 'Mario Kart Tour' smartphone game ...

I had to include this, this was the first real game I could do local co op with and I am not half bad any of the Mario kart games are cool to play and so much, its also nice that this is for all the family, not just for hardcore gamers, hours of fun to be had with it.

All of the games listed above I have tried to add more local co op games as, its very rare to get them now and plus not everyone likes to play online, so this is for everyone who is in your house right now get your game on.

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