Spyro: A Hero’s Tail – Review and thoughts

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Seen as I am doing the Spyro 1 from the reignited trilogy, as I want the Platiumn and to finally after all these years finally get the 120% complete and get into Gnasty’s loots never seen it before, so I am excited.

Through my last stream which check on out on twitch by the way, I mentioned a few other Spyro games, now they arent the best but if its a toss up between A Hero’s Tail and Enter the Dragonfly, I would pick A Hero’s Tail. One I have played this all the way through and I don’t think it was that bad, don’t get me wrong its not the best, but it was entertaining and I did enjoy it, obviously not as much as the key three games.

It does fail to break new ground in terms of style and game mechanics, the game packs enough entertainment to warrant a look from platform fans, regardless of age. It is still cute okay Spyro design isn’t my favourite, you can’t beat the PS1 version, but obviously the design is the best in reignited trilogy.

Spyro: A Hero's Tail (2004)
The design, I don’t if its cute or creepy or Spyro has bulked a little?

The story, isn’t great its a little bit forgettable to be honest, the Dragon Realms find themselves in peril . Only this time, a maniacal dragon named Red plans to corrupt the green fields of the Dragon Realm by planting infectious “Dark Gems” throughout the land. Red is a dragon that was cast aside from the dragon order of sorts, so he isn’t to happy and comes back for revenge. The dark gems actually corrupt everything they touch, transforming peaceful colourful lands of the Dragon Realm into a dark and menacing places that have lethal plants and ill-tempered creatures. So a long come Spyro to save the day , this dragon needs a medal, he must seek out these dark gems and destory them, by using his old school techniques.

You’ll spend most of your time in the game jumping (and double jumping) from platform to platform, as this is a platforming game so it definitely does that, dashing toward enemies and sailing through the air on your little purple wings. This time around, however, controlling the little man feels a little more responsive than in times past. Which is a plus, I have spent many hours on the original one losing my rag with controls or just missing a jump ever so slightly.

Spyro: A Hero's Tail (2004)

We do however, get some new abilities, for starters, you can now perform a wall kick, letting you bounce from wall to wall to “climb” specific sections of the terrain. Now I know this isn’t breaking ground in platforming games but for Spyro however it really is and add more depth to the game and Spyro. The Tail Swing, another new move in A Hero’s Tail, acts very much like a lasso, helping you swing across deadly chasms, reminds me of Lara Croft swinging on poles to get across, again not something for the genre, but again a nice little feature to add, making the environments more challenging. The ledge grab, which I personally feel is a great little feature, as the hover move in the first was a bit flawed as you could over shoot the landing , but with this new ability to hang on ledges means you have a little help with some of the platforming, which then means jumps and gliding is a little harder to make use of the new move.

I feel the game implements each of Spyro’s new moves rather well and each is pretty fun to use,it makes it feel like a development and not a step back in terms of the game play . The game makes good use of the traditional platform staples; which you’ve done it all before but it’s still very much entertaining.

Mr. Moneybags makes a return and still after Spyro’s money (gems).Mr. Moneybags has many things for sale in this game as in previous entries. Breath Attacks available for purchase, including Fire, Ice and Electricity, which have appeared in previous Spyro adventures. In addition to those three, you can now bust out with the all-new Water Breath Attack, which lets you take down fiery enemies with ease.

Whilst you are out there destroying dark gems. But that’s not all you’ll be hunting and collecting. You will be searching for jumbo size Easter eggs , or colorful dragon eggs, which does take a lot of time. And you’ll need to stomp on dozens of enemies in order to find the famous multicoloured gems and rainbow coloured shards. So more collecting fun to be had with Spyro.

One of the best parts of A Hero’s Tail is the ability to play as the other characters. You can use a bow and shoot enemies from afar as Hunter the Cheetah. He can also perform combos by connecting punches and kicks. Sgt. Byrd is next, but you could play as him in Year of the dragon as well. He uses his missiles and bombs, Sgt. Byrd can unleash explosive hell from above. Blink the Mole, uses explosive charges to progress through the environment and sports an arm-mounted laser. Blink is also an expert climber and burrower, so accessing certain areas will be his exclusive responsibility. Which again is great as you will be able to progress in different areas of the environment. You also get some Sparx levels as well, which as more like a little shooter mini game, but you need to complete in order to collect everything.

A Hero’s tail does deliver a good amount of fun and very entertaining. While lacking innovation in style and play mechanics, but I do feel like Spyro has developed in this game and developed the series on a little bit not a lot but progress was made,.the game controls well and offers a good enough challenge. Also, the inclusion of new characters, new attacks and a ton of collectables will keep us collector-nuts playing for hours on end . In the end,  Hero’s tail  is avast improvement over Enter the Dragonfly. It’s a solid, albeit simple and slightly unimaginative platformer. I know that this was meant to be a game a for kids, but I did like playing this a Spyro fan, not my favourite, but one of the other Spyro games I don’t mind playing.

What do you guys think leave a comment or tweet us @gamergeeksuk and also check us out on Twitch tune in for more Spyro action.

Spyro: A Hero's Tail (Game) - Giant Bomb

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