My Favourite Digimon

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Well seen as I am a Digimon roll and guess you guys are gonna be sick of digimon by now, but as with Pokemon we all have our favourites, and I know Digimon isn’t as mainstream as Pokemon. I just wanted to share the Digimon that I love and i am trying to get in the Digimon games I am playing as well. So here is my list of my favourites, this is just my opinion I am not saying they are the best of the best but these are the ones I actually love.


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Gatomon, I am not normally a cat person at all, but this little kitty stole my heart from the series and I even had her digimon card, plus Gatomon was the first Digimon I wanted to get in any of Digimon games. Plus it digivolves into my ulimate favourite as well. The kitty is adorable but packs a punch with the lightning paw. Gatomon for her small size is actually a champion Digimon as well.


Angewomon | Legends of the Multi Universe Wiki | Fandom

She is my ulimate favourite again when I first saw her in the series, I just wanted to be her. She is amazingly powerful and I remember when she first appeared like it was yesterday. Her special move is Celestial arrow and pack an almighty punch, and at the time along with Angemon these were first human like Digimon to appear.


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Again, another human like digimon but this combines Angewomon and he dark counter part LadyDevimon, kinda reminds me of Tekken 2 as you have Angel and Devil. This is a very powerful Digimon who has powers that are basically inter dimensional, and she can manipulate the dimensions as well. I saw this happen on and TV and I was like oh my how awesome, plus I had to get her straight away in my Digimon Cyber Sleuth campaign a tough cookie to get but work it. I love her.


WarGreymon Agumon Tai Kamiya Gatomon Digimon, digimon PNG | PNGWave

Finally a male digimon, he reminds me so much of the TV series and remember watching it as it was a massive event and even seeing him in the movie brought back memories of my childhood. This guy is bad ass and isn’t actually the final form, but anyways his powerful move Terra Force is kick ass I wouldn’t want to mess with him but also he acts as the kinda leader of the Digimon gang as you will.



I always thought this guy was cute and cuddly like a teddy bear, I loved the colours they used for him as well, and I remember just loving him and his he is kinda Agumon side kick and best friend, plus them come together to create and even awesome Digimon as well called omnimon. But this guy is like the big softy but he will pack a punch and join the fight when needed.


Pegasusmon | DigimonWiki | Fandom

I nearly forgot about this guy, I loved him. I liked him more well because of Greek Mythology, plus he looks super cool as well and badass. So pretty and I always wanted him, but you can’t get him in any of the games I play so I will just have to stare at pictures instead.


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Well what can I say, a badass female bady on the list I couldn’t include her in my list as much as I love Angewomon this girl got sass and that scene when they first meet and attack each other is so memorable that I couldn’t not put in my favourite lists, she is awesome I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of her.


Laylamon | DigimonWiki | Fandom

I had to include her , I never saw her from what I remember from the digimon series on TV but I have been trying to get this awesome looking digimon, so again she had to be included just because she is so brilliantly designed I don’t even know is she powerful and don’t care I want her in my team.

There you have it a few of my favourite digimon not much they are bad ass ( well they all are) but also the designs I love to. SO what are you favourites? leave a comment or tweet us.

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