Animal Crossing – Initial thoughts

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Review Round-up | News | Nintendo

I am completely new to the Animal Crossing series, never really understood it if I am being honest. This game was my sisters favourite game for the Wii, she loved it and played with her friends after school. I never really saw the appeal, but with seeing a lot of people I know on twitter etc. I wanted to give this game a shot.

I actually quiet like it, its super chill game, a game we all need right now with everything going on. You can go at your own pace create your own little island, peace and tranquillity. But now I find myself in debt to a small Raccoon, which isn’t great, but I am really enjoying it at the moment and getting so excited about building birdhouses and fishing rods. A little game that offers the ultimate chill. Oh and I got really excited about planting flowers. Great game for the switch.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Review, Features, Characters, And ...

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