Digimon Story Hacker’s Memory- complete edition Switch (game two)- review

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Hacker’s Memory is the second entry in the RPG line of Digimon games, returning to the turn-based gameplay from the original Cyber Sleuth. The amount of digimon available for you, has taken a jump from 249 to 340, giving you even more freedom and variety in what digital monsters you use. You just gotta love more digimon in your live. I have finally started the second on in the campagin that comes with the complete edition that first one just really hooked me and got me back into my love of Digimon.

In fact, the amount of digimon available, combined with the ease in which you’re able to acquire new monsters and level them up, means you have the freedom to keep your team flexible and constantly change it up and actually try all new digimon ( I stopped watching after 1&2 of the series). In some ways you can’t always get attached to you team or your favourite digimon, you are more than welcome to do so, but you will need some to become stronger by digivloving., which is very similar to Pokemon.

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Battles flow incredibly fast in Hacker’s Memory, with not a whole lot of time being spent on overly extravagant attack animations, and moving through the battle menu is extremely easy and fluid. Some of the random encounter you can click your fingers and your done, I still use them to my advantage just to try and level Digimon up etc, like EXP share out of Pokemon.

I am really enjoying this game, I knew I would as I really liked the first, I feel in some ways this is one its little slower than the first, or is it me being more impatient because I know what Digimon I want, I am still attempting to get that Digimon I couldn’t quiet get in first game, so I have started early. What I also like is the it has allowed me to use my data from the first one especially for field data, so I have lots of access to Digimon I found in the first game, as you cant always digivolve if you haven’t seen it before and plus you know what your digivolving into as well which is a great help. What I also like is is that characters, and your own character make little cameos in the game, which I think is great because the characters were great as well, I like little details.

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Digi Bank, a multipurpose area that helps you additionally develop your digimon. Here you can adjust your party, digivolve or devolve your monsters and digiconvert monsters that have been scanned to 100 per cent.

The Digifarm is an area, that has handy features like allowing digimon to train, find items, or even discover new side quests. While inside the farm, your digimon will periodically message you, which actually helps build a bond with the members not currently in your party. I have also done a little hints and tips digimon post so check it out for leveling up stats and some advice, I actually had google some of it so thought I would put in all in a small post just so you get to grips with it.

The time the story is around, a school student in the near future where an advanced version of the internet known as EDEN dominates everybody’s lives. Cyber crimes are still running rampant in this one and you find that a crime has been comitted against you and your account, as your identity being stolen and used nefariously, leading you to seek out Hudie, a group of hackers trying to keep EDEN safe.

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You then start to create friendships with Ryuji, Erika, and Chitose, a motley crew that each have well fleshed out personalities and backstories. Which I like this, as its different from the first as you work for detective agency of sorts, I like that it has a different angle on the story, as you are set along side the first one but from a different point of view.

I feel that the story is very smartly written and humorous at times as well, particularly in the side quests, like when someone wants to learn how to become friends from books. The main story has plenty of twists and dramatic turns that keep you well on the edge of your seat, throughout the dozens of hours on offer, and getting to that next cut scene always feels like a reward. The cut scenes are again beautifully done some look straight out of anime movie.

This a feel is an impressive take on the monster collecting Japanese RPG format and again develops a lot from the first game which ny the way you don’t have to play first, but i recommend you do just to get all the references, plus helps you get to grips with everything. Collecting and levelling up the digimon may seem a little too simple for die hard genre enthusiasts, but the typing, elements, and memory limit all help to add extra layers of depth to the gameplay. I just love it and I am hoping to get laylamon she escaped me in the first one, but not this time I learnt from the first. It isn’t a direct sequel to the first, but I would love another game in the series.

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laylamon ( I WANT!!!!)
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But YESSS i 100% recommend this game and it looks and works well on the switch and love the complete edition, so tell me what you think leave a comment or tweet us @gamergeeksuk.

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