Hint and Tips Digimon Cybersleuth

Now when I started this game I had no idea about anything really, I just wanted to give you guys a few hints and tips about because I am not going to lie I had to look things up to get the digimon I really wanted such as mastemon. You need certain stats increasing and certain friendship levels and it wall all a little confusing, so I thought I would right a little beginners guide just to get you started.

Image result for mastemon

A few Beginner’s Tips & Tricks for Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth

#1: Don’t be afraid to de-digivolve! – you actually need this happen for a certain stat called ABI so I mean you can’t get to too attached your digimon which I found out with angewomon and ladydevimon. The higher ABI (max 200) it also allows you your other stats to develop further.

#2: Type is More Important than Attributes.

#3: Use the DigiLab for Cheap Heals and Directions.

#4: Personalities, Enhanced Stats, and You.

This is more for the digifarm that you have access to in the digilab, and some Digimon require a certain stat to be maxed or raised, well in the Farms you can set a leader between these characteristics, you can even set your Digimon as the leader and you actually unlock times to change there nature to further increase this stat. I am trying hard at the moment to get Lilithmon, which requires a lot of stats increasing but I got there with mastemon so I can do it. Well I am hoping I can.

List of what personality increases what.

Durable: HP
Lively: SP
Attacker: ATK
Defender: DEF
Brainy: INT
Nimble: SPD

Builder and Searcher don’t increase stats. Instead, they affect your success with the item development and investigation farm actions, respectively.

#5: Pay Attention to ABI, CAM, and Max Level.

CAM is basically friendship. Most only need 50% but digimon like Angewomon 100% is needed for the more powerful Digimon

You need it for some digivolutions, and it raises your combo rate in battle.

You can decide yourself if the tradeoff is worth it.

ABI is your ability. You gain extra stats from training depending on your digimon’s nature and who your farm leader is.

You can gain up to a total of 100 extra stat points, and the formula is 50 + ABI/2.

So ABI raises the limit of the extra stats you can gain. This is also needed for Digivolutions.

#6: PlatinumSukamon + Tactician’s USB = Fast EXP.

#7: Don’t Digivolve Too Much, Too Early.

Also I don’t know if this is cheating etc but I have the switch version I have discovered that if you dont close the game down and still have the game on or just even the application still open, it kinda still thinks your playing the game and it will level up your digimon you leave at the digifarm, I discovered it by accident, as I kept wondering why my digimon I left at level 1 were now 26.

Now here are some screenshots from the game as well. About types and weakness etc

Image result for digimon cyber sleuth types and attributes
Image result for digimon cyber sleuth types and attributes
Image result for digimon cyber sleuth types and attributes
Image result for digimon cyber sleuth

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