Digimon vs Pokemon

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Now we have two of my favourite series I love them both I really do they are my childhood these are some of my favourite childhood memories coming home for school or even recorded on tape for me in case I missed them. I love them both so much, and I know there are a lot of hardcore fans for both side of the monster collector series. But I am not gonna just talk about the series, even though this is a huge part of what makes them great, but I am gonna talk games, card and basically everything I can. Why the hell not these are two great series, two great rivals and two great monster creation.

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Now I am gonna talk design, these two are well know for for there great designs of the monsters I love them Pikachu who is adorable and cute to Angewomon ( my fav) who is beautifully stunning digimon. The designs have always been great and contiune to be great, but however I do feel at times, that Pokemon’s design have gone down hill in later games in the series and not always the best design such as a Pokemon based on ice cream, I don’t know doesn’t seem my cup of tea I wasn’t a huge fan and some off the designs for the black and white series weren’t my favourite. I much prefer the original 151, but that is just because that is what I grew up and obviously I love Silver and Gold. Digimon I feel there design has always been good they have cute but when they evolve they looked even better and stronger. They have been more consistent in design on the monsters. They seemed to have followed there source matter more and made them more modern I guess as well, as it mixes them together and to create better forms but also I loved the use of humanoid mixture in there as well.

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Black and white
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Mixture of digimon rookies and ultimate.

Trading cards both of these had and still have trading cards, both are beautifully designed. I loved that most of the digimon cards I had did come from shreddies as a promo, which was great and nice to get something very collectable in the cereal, which is something you don’t get now. However I do feel Pokemon have owned the trading card market for a long time, the card are fab, they have little scenes, and have come so far when I was collecting when I was young, I do still collect now just because they are pretty, as I am not gonna like have no idea how to play even now I still don’t, which is the same for Digimon as I just like collecting things didn’t know how to use them, I do feel the design of the digimon cards tho were a little bit plan compared, but that is to do with the digital world they live in. But I like both though as well as I just love collecting things.

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Pokemon card
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Digimon card

Now the games, I am however at a disadvantage, as when I was growing the PS1 wasn’t mine it was my Dad’s and I never had any Digimon games at all, however the Gameboy color was all mine so I played Pokemon till the cows come home and again with the DS. I played more Pokemon I loved these games, I was hooked I always wanted the best Pokemon and wanted to take on my cousins who were older. My favourites were Red and Crystal I loved them so much, I still have all my saves for them I will not delete them. Now I do have my not so favourites from the series, such as Black and white, plus the second ones after and I am going to lie I didn’t even finish moon or sun ( which I don’t of its a bad thing or not never felt like picking up again) and the only games I didn’t buy the ultra versions as well. I think the two relseaes on the switch have been great to be honest, and Sword and Shield maybe be short but we are getting an expansion, which is great. Now my first ever Digimon game is the Cybersleuth, and I love it, I have done a review on it so check it out. This what has got me back into Digimon its brilliant and so happy I can get my favourite digimon again, but also I have to say I have preferred this game over Pokemon as of late, just because its fresher, better story line( little darker than Pokemon) and easy game play and the turned based battle system is great, I think its nice that you get to see your digimon grow, as you need certain stats to grown, and the digifarms set up properly as well to get the most out of your leveling up. The open world is great with lots of side quests love this game, something different and different from Pokemon.

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digimon cybersleuth
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Pokemon sword

Overall, I love these both as much as each other I feel Digimon is edging it bit more with at the moment, as I am still playing Digimon and haven’t really put it down, still trying to get the Digimon I always wanted in my team but also playing the second part. Pokemon I love as its a major part of my childhood but also my start as a real gamer and never will stop buying anything Pokemon related.

What do you guys think? do you agree? leave us a comment or tweet us and also what are your guys favourite Pokemon or Digimon.

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