Digimon World the next order -Initial thoughts

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Well I have seemed to hit my Digimon phase again, and saw this on PSN store on sale and I couldn’t resist like most games, seen has I have already started another digimon game, I wanted to give this one a try which is very different from what I am currently playings.

I feel this one is kinda a mix of Monster Rancher, tamagotchi and yes I am gonna say it Pokemon. It is more open world and you run into enemies like the newer Pokemon games for the switch. But in this game compared to Cyber is a lot different as in this game you get to feed your Digimon, you get to train but also get to take them the toilet, you are their tamer. Its great and a lot to learn and I started to get to grip with the controls and what things meant. The Digimon let you know when they need the toilet and feeding as well. The battle system is hugely different as you control them using the Left and the Right of the controller to control your two digimon.

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I love the graphics of this game I love cute characters in 3D, the world itself looks fun, but I do stress a lot to learn, as you cant just take on high level enemies straight away you need to level up and get stronger to kick some digi ass . But definitely one for me to learn and play more. Below is a video of me playing through the first time, and it has the tutorial level in there as well so check it out. Leave us a comment below what you think or tweet @gamergeeksuk

Image result for digimon next order

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