Pokemon Mystery Dungeon – Switch!! – Initial thoughts

Image result for pokemon mystery dungeon

Finally got my chance to play this bad boy, I did actually pick this up when it came out, it just kinda got lost in my backlog and well I am not gonna lie, I was very much into my digimon game on the switch, so I forgot all about Pokemon, which I know is crime but that Digimon game is just so good (still playing it now).

Anyways back to this, it is adorable I love the cute style of it the mix of fully vector coloured backgrounds against watercolour imagery its very easy on the eye, very pretty to look at. I love Pokemon anyway so this might be slightly bias but who cares, I do like it and I will pick up again. I like the story idea you wake up and your a Pokemon ( who wouldn’t) and you have to form a team to help other Pokemon with tasks or saving them, its great.

Image result for pokemon mystery dungeon

So you play out in little dungeons a variety of areas trying to attack enemy Pokemon as well as collect items, the only think I have against it really is one the controls it was a bit frustrating at the beginning because I found it hard to move in the dungeons themselves, also I don’t think I can play hours and hours of the game as it looks to me to be a little bit repetitive, so its nice a nice pick up and put down game, one that will control your gaming itch for a time.

The Pokemon are super cute though and look forward to playing more. Below is a video of my first hands on experience with it.( also some Pokemon voices included)

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