Resident Evil 3 remake Demo!!

Finally we have the demo, we finally get to play the game we have being tones of footage about. Super excited wanted to take it all in. My thoughts are that it is brilliant the graphics are gorgeous, well I wouldn’t expect anything less as I love the RE2 remake.

It still is very scary, and it has a different feel from the Re2 remake, which is great as we didn’t want the same thing twice. I think its the setting that is different don’t get me wrong I know we will end up back in RPD at some point, but it feels more scary because you don’t which zombies are actually dead, I got caught many times in the demo thinking some were dead some were just sleeping, which adds to the jump scare.

Finally we get to see the big bad boy Nemesis in action and first look at him, he is scary, very very scary in fact, he is quicker and strong than his brother Mr X. He adds more panic as he can actually jump over to you and cut you off which I wasn’t expecting and again caught me out in the play through.

Overall, still super excited about this game and I know the demo is very short, but can be play again and again so I can explore more. Below check out my video of the first play through of the RE3 demo, tell us what you think in the comments or tweet us would love to hear you thoughts.

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