Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth- complete edition Switch (game one)- review

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Now you guys know I am a huge Pokemon fan and always will be, but I do remember loving Digimon just as much. I have finally started this Christmas present and started the first game, I am addicted I have come off it, I am constantly researching how to evolve my digital monsters. I am hooked on it, it has 20 chapters I am on chapter 15 at present.

The game offers more than enough in the way of different mechanics, and content for those looking for an alternative to Game Freak’s Pokemon. This Complete Edition bundles both of the games – 2015’s Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, and 2017’s Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker’s Memory, which were originally on PS4 and Vita.

So I have been playing the first game at the moment an it is set between Tokyo and a virtual world known as EDEN, where players’ avatars can interact with each other( kinda like virtual social media), just like in the real world. The Cyber Sleuth which is you, sees players step into the shoes of a half-digital character looking to retrieve their real-world body. Cutscenes are stunning and very well animated, almost like the digimon movie( loved it), but most of the speech is just text is dropped on players through written exposition and some sound effects from characters such as sighing or shocked.

There is plenty of everything in this game as you have the main storyline and side quests, you are looking at solid 90-or-so hours of content. Plus I have find it nice you can you do side quests, as well as I love spending loads of time the digimon and creating a kick ass team, its so much fun and the storyline is great but nice to mix it up with some lighthearted quests at the same time. I have most definitely spent loads of time with creating the digimon, I remember loving from the tv series ( angewomon is the ulimate favourite) its so much fun and easy to understand as well what you need to in terms of creating more powerful digimon.

It is a very much 90’s flavour of the digital scene which I think is due to fact that, the anime version of Digimon began way back in 1999.

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While exploring you end up chatting to various NPCs in the overworld and battling monsters in turn-based combat may sound familiar, both titles here offer enough to distance themselves from those before as the Pokémon comparisons is there don’t get me wrong, but to me it feels more grown in some ways as well a little more darker storyline. For one, monsters here, Digivolve into bigger, more powerful monsters, but they can also “devolve”, offering up more options for further evolutions. It means that there’s plenty of versatility to be found in the creature-nurturing systems and building out the ultimate team, it take some serious time and patience to grow the ulimate team as some digivolve they need max level stats etc. I did get my mastemon though and it take a lot of time but so worth it.

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mastemon ❤

Most of the battles you come up against featuring three-against-three Digimon clashes. This makes having a balanced lineup of Digimon elemental very important like Pokemon different types are weaker to different ones, as one wrong move can leave you outnumbered and outgunned.

Finally, you don’t catch the Digimon . Instead, you actually scan the digital data, as you run into multiple monsters to fill up a meter. Once the meter hits 100%, you create your own version of that Digimon at the DigiLab. Which actually encourages you to battle/find more digimon, for the digimon you want, because the more you see the quicker the bar fills up.

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Digimon Story the ideal game to play in portable form – grinding up levels on the sofa, the bus, or a train journey as I have actually played the PS4 version and I didn’t really get into as much, soon as I played it on the switch was hooked and felt I could spend more time with it than on my PS4. It also helps that while the game isn’t all that demanding visually, it feels most at home on the Switch’s portable screen; but the Switch’s 720p display offers plenty of vibrant colour options. The digimon looks lovely on the switch.

Multiplayer battling to be done as well – either through local wireless play or online and if nothing else, it’s a fun chance to compare strategies and lineups with other players.I haven’t tried the battling online yet, and most likely get my ass kicked because my digimon I have them because they are cute or very pretty, but I will give this a go.  

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Its evolution system feels wholly unique when compared to another monster-breeding game series you might find on Nintendo hardware, and while the grind of it may be too much for some( which isn’t me), it’s comfortably one of the best creature-catchers on the Switch, and I have enjoyed playing it so much. 100% recommend this game and on the switch as well, its great fun. So I know what I am playing again all this week. Let us know what you think, leave a comment underneath or tweet us @gamergeeksuk also I ask which do you prefer digimon or pokemon ( both are amazing to me)

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