Final Fantasy 7 remake DEMO!!!!

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I am not normally a Final Fantasy fan, its a series I always struggled to kinda get into or always found that I though the turn based combat was something I would never master if I am honest. I always thought it looked stunning and the cutscene/cinematics always so lovely to look at, but had no idea what the hell was going on.

I havea few friends that love the series and have their favourite, and its always number 7 that comes up in conversation queit a lot. Now I had seen they have finally done a remake which is was hug fans wanted, I am not gonna lie it looks amazing, but again I felt its not for me I will need a degree to understand it.

How I was wrong with the remake, as they have released a demo which was out on 2nd March so this monday. I finally got round to playing it last night, I am blown away with graphics its amazing to look at almost film like and realstic. You are just drawn into Clouds bright blue eyes. But do you know what I liked to gameplay it was flowly and it was so much. It was easy to understand for novices like myself, I liked that you got to switch between characters, not like the turn based way. I loved it, and it was really on my radar to get, but I am buying this game I will never have money in April but I am so totally blown away with this game, and the roughly30/40 min demo, just scratches the surface of the game, but also its hooked me. I want !!!!

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Well if you guys are still on the fence like I was, then play the demo, you will see what I mean. But if you like I streamed footage of myself playing through the demo for you guys. On our own twicth channel check it out.

Feel free to share your thoughts with me on twitter, leave comment below and even twitch.

Watch Watch Me Play FF7 remake from gamergeeksuk on

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