Pokemon Sword/Shield review

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Sword and Shield introduces old and new players to the new Galar region. Inspired by the UK, it is oozing personality and character. It has a playful mix of modernity and mythology.

It is also complete with brand new creations which i think is some of the best Pokémon designs we’ve seen in a long time. They are so much more creative and likeable, but because they actually introduce some exciting new type combinations adding variety and balance to any Pokemon team.

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The Galar region is best known for Dynamax energy, produced by “wishing star” stones that drop from the sky and generate vast amounts of energy. This energy powers the whole region, and actually enables a new Pokemon battle feature called Dynamaxing in areas where the energy is particularly dense.Dynamaxing turns your normally human-sized (give or take a meter) Pokemon into a giant creature several stories tall, increasing its stats and giving it a set of new attacks. It’s visually very impressive, from the first moment that your Pokeball expands to the size of a beach ball before you launch it with two hands to produce a Pokemon kaiju. I still don’t how I feel about Dynamaxing if I am being honest, don’t get me wrong it does add something to the game and who doesn’t love a massive Pikachu, but it reminds me of the megaevoultion from previous games. The only difference with Dynamaxing is that you can only use it in certain places, like Pokemon stadiums.

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3D models are so great in this game.

The Wild Area is untamed, which is breaking the tradional Pokemon formula of direct roads connecting towns that Pokemon has used since the beginning. However, the Wild Area is kinda small and, it actually feels like a free-form training and Pokemon catching zone you can wander around rather than a step towards a true open-world Pokemon game. But I like the fact that Pokemon look wild and untamed, and you can just stumble upon them, so for this is actual big improvements for the Pokemon, possibly something that will lead to the open world Pokemon every Pokemon fan wants.

Sword and Shield’s does however stick to Pokemon traditions series conventions. You play a new trainer who picks one of three Pokemon to raise and train, must beat eight gym leaders across the region before facing the champion of region and becoming the new champion and take on the world. While doing this, you’re accosted by a criminal nuisance organization or secret, and eventually go on a quest to help save the land. The typical save the world Pokemon stuff.

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The same pocket monster-catching comfort food enjoyment. There aren’t many surprises to be found, but the games are still a nice, big helping of familiar, engaging Pokemon collecting. I loved it I had so much and again brought back my childhood of playing for hours and hours driving my mum and dad insane with it as well. Pokemon Sword and Shield are I feel the best games in the series, streamlining its most tedious traditions without losing any of the charm. I feel that these games are actually leading up to a picture picture, which I think is kinda seen in the way they are releasing an expansion pass, to unlock new areas and Pokemon, I am not gonna lie I can’t wait. !!!!

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