Star Wars : Jedi fallen order Review

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Now I am huge Star Wars fan and played other great games such KOTOR and the original Battlefront. These game were amazing and still are. Now I know more modern Star Wars games haven’t lived up to hype or just even been that good etc with problems with microtransactions. I have to say I really enjoyed this game the story was great and game-play was challenging yet rewarding. I had so much fun playing it.

We’ve have been waiting a really long time for a good single-player campaign Star Wars game. Respawn Entertainment has finally answered our prayers, and come through with a narrative-led, Uncharted and Dark Souls-inspired Star Wars game in Fallen Order, which also turns out to be embedded in official universe canon.  The story is actually dark one, which I think is right due to it taking place in between episodes 3 and 4, when things are at their bleakest for the Jedi and the galaxy as a whole. It’s absolutely drenched in the trauma of the aftermath of Palpatine and Vader’s purge of the Jedi Order .

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One thing is for certain. As soon as you start your journey, you’ll get the impression that Fallen Order understands and respects the hallmarks of Star Wars. Intricate material details and cinematic framing litter each scene.

The main meat of Fallen Order is this lonely, explorative attrition against the game’s tricky enemies, which range from stormtroopers to fantastical bog rats and tomb defending mechanicals. The enemies I found difficult was actually the spiders massive and quick, and sometimes making me scream when they can randomly jump out at you. But the more you explore on the planets and games you are rewarded with different cosmetic items such as colours for the Mantis or your clothes, and even more fancy force powers, the game itself makes you revisit certain planets after gaining certain skills for either you or the adorable BD-1( who is one of my favourite robots in the series now)

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Controls and battle style is great and your only real weapon is the lightsaber, but as you unlock more jedi force skills you start to think how you can pull and push enemies a long the way as well. Combat is not straight out of a Dark Souls-style action game, but it definitely shares the emphasis on carefully timing strikes, parries, and dodges while watching the enemy for tells on when attacks will come. Even though I did struggles with controls at first as it wasn’t very stereotypical controls, but I liked that I got to know the controller itself better. Battles with bosses and other foes with lightsabers or lightsaber-like weapons are brilliantly animated with intense effects as coloured blades whirl and clash and sparks fly. Every melee enemy has a block bar that must be broken before you can damage them with head-on attacks (rather than dodging and countering or following up a well-timed parry). The lightsaber parts I loved were the little details such as when you swinging it around it would leave strokes or heat on walls etc, and it effected the environment as well as you could even slice through tress and doors which has only ever really been captured in the movies, so you really feel like you are part the Star Wars feel and you are the badass jedi.

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Jedi meditation circles are scattered throughout the maps and using one will save that location for you and this is where you will last repawn from. At these circles you have the opportunity to spend any skill points you’ve earned . However, it also gives you the option to rest, when means by doing so will fully restore not only your health, Force, but also healing canisters from BD-1. Restoring what needs to be restored also respawns every enemy on the map. Considering how tough some enemies are, that’s not a no-brainer decision. This is something I have never experienced before in a game and its one of the most challenging decisions in the game, as you have to make the choice to carry on without saving for a while and running low on health, or do it and you have to face the part you finally got past to do it all again.

The only problem I found with the game its very glitchy and some of my deaths in the game weren’t actually my fault as for sliding down in the ice caves he would jump get and all of a sudden fall to his death and it was something I couldn’t control. It did some times frustrate me and sometimes the game would just stop to load another area thinking I had crashed the games, so the only real fault I had was it was very glitchy, and as gamer put me on edge as it could kill me without saving for a while.

Jedi: Fallen Order sticks the landing with its great story wrapping up its quest with a tough, climactic boss fight and thrilling finale, all without overtly setting up a specific sequel to see how this game’s conflicts will be resolved. Cal was never going to be the one to defeat Darth Vader or destroy the Empire. As the New hope film is set 13 years after this, so we all kinda knew what was going to happen.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order makes up for a lot of lost time with a fantastic single-player action-adventure that marks the return of the playable Jedi. YAY we finally have a very good Star Wars game again, I missed it, we needed it. Its challenging combat mixes with energetic platforming, decent puzzles, and diverse locations to explore what more could you want from a good star wars game. ( was happy it was good)

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