Celeste – Initial thoughts

Well I have had my eye on this game for a while with its retro style feel art style and you guys know I can resist things that are cute and adorable. But don’t let the cuteness fool you this game is hard but clever, its figuring about how to move yourself level and traverse around a dash here or fall here.

I am really enjoying this game its so much fun even though I have died a lot, its great the story is great too. I love the old style platform appeal, makes me think I am playing the mega drive again etc, but it isn’t it has its own unique take on the pixel game genre. I know I have mentioned the art style but its brilliant the colours etc just work so well together to make this game what it is. I have a played a few hours, not gonna lie I am raging at some parts, but when I finally get there is feels like a great achievement, I am dancing round the room when I do something well. This game will punish you for the slightest wrong movement though, or missed timed climb. Its great challenge.

Image result for celeste

But yes I am enjoying it but in small doses for me though I enjoy it as it is a gap filler and its so easy to pick up. I have below uploaded a small video to show you how I got on and that it is hard, but how much fun I was having just in case people are still unsure about this game.

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