Persona 5 -initial thoughts

I know I have been very quiet over Christmas etc but been very busy and very busy playing games as well was living the gamer life over Christmas.

I started this before Christmas and I would love to carry on as well and I was making good progress. I am not really into the JRPG I don’t really play many of them. Again people had told me to play a Persona game.

I have to say I find it amazing I love the art style for the game. Like how much stuff you can do from chatting with friends to developing relationships with other characters, which in turn affect your persona. I am enjoying the storyline as well it’s great fun at the moment I am few hours in now, and still getting to grips with controls.

This game is so quirky and so much fun, I am enjoying playing through the palace/dungeon style gameplay in the other dimension. There is so much to explore and do I can post for hours just talking to people or fighting the good fight.

What I did struggle with a little bit is the pacing as some days seem to last ages where some days can be over in a couple of minutes before you know it. Overall I am having fun with this game and want to play more I just had so many games for Christmas.

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